Resident Evil Village Sold Over 4 Million Worldwide

Resident Evil Village, with its sales figures, revealed the intense interest shown by those who love and follow the series.

Capcom Co., Ltd. Today, he announced that Resident Evil Village, the latest game in the Resident Evil series, has been sent to more than 4 million points of sale (including digital outlets) worldwide.

Resident Evil Village Sold Over 4 Million Worldwide

The production, which was released on April 18, 2021, received many positive and negative comments from critics. However, despite this, the sales figures show how intense the interest in the series is. Resident Evil Village is the sequel to RE7: Biohazard, with a higher level of action than the previous game. In the production, players take on the role of protagonist Ethan Winters as he enters a new kind of survival horror game set in a mysterious snowy village. Praised for its technical merits, including stunning, photorealistic visuals and 3D sound, the game also garnered support from fans for featuring compelling characters based on traditional horror and gameplay that skillfully balance action and horror. Of course, this resulted in over 4 million shipments of the game worldwide.

Resident Evil Village Sold Over 4 Million Worldwide

The last one on the subject was on March 11. bulletin Publisher Capcom announced that the game sold 3 million units at that time. Resident Evil Village, which sold one million more copies in a period of 2.5 months, shows that the interest of the actors in the production has not diminished.

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