Resident Evil Village gameplay video and new details

Capcom shared the new features and information about the game with the fans of the series in addition to the Resident Evil Village gameplay video.

Resident Evil Village As the gameplay video was published, we also had the chance to get a lot of new information about the game. Capcom recently made another special presentation for Resident Evil Village (RE8). This presentation included important information about both RE8 and the course of the series. Sharing the game’s release date in the previous presentation, Capcom this time is much more detailed. provided information.

Resident Evil Village gameplay video released


The Resident Evil Village presentation has opened with a new gameplay trailer. In this video, which includes many scenes that we have not seen before, very important details are also included in the name of the story. We also see that this video features other characters who are in town for the first time. Obviously, we can say that this video contains details that we will be curious about the story.

In the game that will be released on May 7, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One platforms, we will once again check the character of Ethan Winters, which we will remember from the Resident Evil VII game. In the game, which will take place a few years after RE7, we will witness the kidnapping of Ethan and Mia’s children, as explained earlier. With the kidnapping of his children, Ethan will set off on a journey to the town that gave the game its name this time. Of course, the kidnapper is Chris Redfield, and as we see in the trailers, Mia’s head will show that there is a lot of wonder about the story.

Resident Evil Village Demo announcement has arrived

After the story video, the new demo of the game was also announced. As you will remember, a demo called maiden was announced and we checked in on a servant trying to escape from Lady Dimitrescu’s castle. It was also announced that this new demo will come to all platforms where the game will be released, unlike Maiden. This demo, where we can also test the armed conflict dynamics, will meet with the players on May 2. Those who pre-ordered the game on PS5 and PS4 will be able to access this demo today.

Resident Evil Village We see that the upgrade features that appear in the morning hours are also included in the gameplay video. We will be able to make our character stronger thanks to animals such as goats, fish, pigs or chickens that we hunt in the game. In addition, thanks to the money and valuable items we collect from around, you will be able to make updates on the weapons you have. In other words, updates can be made on issues such as firing power of the weapon, reload speed or bullet capacity. Of course, our new dealer Duke will provide us with all these features.

The game, which attracts attention in terms of visual and art design, also has an FPS camera angle. Just like in RE7, we will fight with important characters. As you know, Lady Dimitrescu, who attracts attention with her gigantic size, has already become one of the most talked about characters in the series.

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