Resident Evil Village Demo – We Played

The Resident Evil Village Demo focuses on the Village part, which gives the game its name, as well as contains important details about the story.

The Resident Evil Village Demo takes place in the Village, the village region, which also gives the game its name. In Capcom’s new presentation recently, a series of demo news for the game was given. In this new demo of the game, which was previously introduced with a demo called Resident Evil Village Maiden, we have the chance to see some of the characters we will encounter in the game. For PS4 and PS5, you can take a look at our experience with this demo, which is active for 24 hours and ends as of now.

Resident Evil Village Demo contains important information for the story

In this new demo called Village, unlike the maiden demo, this time we are playing with Ethan Winters, which we will control in the main game. In the demo where we go to the first minutes of the game, there are many clues in terms of both the atmosphere and the general dynamics of the game. We can also test how the game will function in terms of conflict dynamics and weapon use. Frankly, I can say that I really like the demo in general, except for Ethan’s attitude that he does not know anything about. It is necessary to get used to the aiming and shooting parts.

After this demo, another demo will be released for PS4 and PS5 on April 25. As in this demo, 30 minutes will be given to play this demo called Castle, which will only be active for 24 hours. The Village demo, which you can access from the video, and the Castle demo, which will be released on April 25, will be active for 24 hours on all platforms on May 3. So both PC and Xbox users will have the chance to experience these demos.

Resident Evil Village Demo - We Played

It will be released to PS4 and Xbox One platforms as well as PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X on May 7 Resident Evil VillageIt will have a story line and gameplay that follows in the footsteps of RE7. In the game where we will control the character of Ethan Winters once again, this time we will have to hit the road to find our kidnapped child. Let us remind you that Chris Redfield’s role in this adventure will also be quite big. Also with surprise characters that we are familiar with from the series. we will meet in the game. This adventure will take us all the way to a castle dating back to the 15th century and its terrifying hosts.

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