Resident Evil Village can be bonus difficulty level

According to emerging rumors, Resident Evil Village will offer an extra level of difficulty for players who have finished the main story.

The last game of Capcom’s legendary series, which has attracted a lot of attention lately Resident Evil Village new rumors have emerged about him. It will allegedly turn the game into a roguelike game with random items and enemies, and it will have an unlockable difficulty level.

Resident Evil Village game may have a special difficulty mode

A new rumor circulating about Resident Evil Village says that there will be a new challenge mode that will be unlocked after players complete the main game. For gamers who feel ready for the challenge in Capcom’s latest game option to increase difficulty It is said to add.

A trusted name for leaks AestethicGamer, Twitter’da He posted several notes outlining what players can expect from the game after finishing the main story. According to insider information, Capcom was working on a mod similar to RE7’s Ethan Must Die, but decided to bring it as a “comprehensive difficulty mode” in the game.

AestethicGamer “I don’t know all the details / final result of the mod, I still think they’ll talk about it before it’s released. But I know it makes the game clearer, randomizes enemies and item placements and makes it extremely difficult.”

Resident Evil Village

If you like to roost in a corner of your seat while counting the ammo of your weapon while fending off enemies that are falling like a nightmare on you in terrifying environments, this mod will probably be the perfect fit for you. Capcom has not yet confirmed the reports received on the issue. However, the Twitter user in question is generally a reliable name for horror games and Capcom leaks. He has a very good track record. We hope to find out more about the subject at the new Resident Evil event this month.

“We don’t want to spoil any surprises, so we leave it up to you to speculate on what the presentation might involve,” said AestethicGamer on the new event. How do you think such a level of difficulty would be? Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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