Remedy CEO made a statement about new projects

Remedy Entertainment shared small details about three projects that are currently in development. They sound like bombs.

Control developer Remedy Entertainmentsaid that he had previously been working on two new projects in partnership with Epic Games, one being AAA multi-platform game and the other a smaller scale. In addition to these two projects, they reported that they were working on a “live service game” codenamed “Vanguard”.

The company also talked about the development process for these projects and at what stage they are in in the last business update. Remedy CEO Tero Virtala has worked on these three games, as well as the single-player story modes they are working on for CrossfireX and Crossfire HD. you are progressing well told.

Remedy may soon give the industry a surprise

“Remedy’s AAA game project, developed in partnership with Epic Games, will soon go into full production, and the second smaller game will continue in full production mode,” Virtala said. “In our free-to-play coop game project, Vanguard, we have now defined many of the key elements of the game. Development is progressing at a good pace, internal game tests are ongoing, and we are starting the next phase, closed external testing.”

Remedy Entertainment was previously a studio that developed “one game at a time”. However, in recent years, with the help of Control’s success, the studio has expanded and increased its staff. This allowed them to develop more than one project at the same time. Virtala said Remedy had 281 employees by the end of March 2021 and was “experimenting and evaluating new ways to attract and recruit talent”.

Remedy CEO made a statement about new projects

Unfortunately, this report has not yet revealed what new games look like. Crossfire is a long-running FPS game that has managed to make a splash in Asia, but CrossfireX has not yet been announced for PC. It is only available for Xbox Series X and Xbox One for now. Since Crossfire HD is a game planned to be released only in the Chinese region, it seems that we will not be able to see Remedy’s work in this area. Sam Lake, the company’s creative director, said last year that the studio is working on a project in line with the “Remedy Connected Universe” idea. This project may be Alan Wake 2, but it’s possible that it won’t. The names of the games the studio has been working on yet remain a mystery.

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