RDR 2 Valentine Curse Mystery

RDR 2 Valentine Curse comes to light as one of the game’s scariest mysteries. The cursed town of Valentine wasn’t so innocent!

We know that various mysterious items, stories are hidden in the games and how creative the developers can be about it. However, in Red Dead Redemption 2, these things get a little deeper and get scary. RDR 2 Valentine Curse Its mystery is still a topic of debate among gamers and it is getting clearer day by day. We have investigated the details of this mystery for you, and in this article, we have compiled what happens and how it can affect you in the game. Come along!

First, it is necessary to mention a very important issue, if you have not finished the game and want to learn the story by playing, it is for you. spoiler There is some information that may be. So take this into consideration while reading.

Cursed town Valentine! – RDR 2 Valentine Curse

Valentine, the first settlement you will encounter in Red Dead Redemption 2, seems to be a small, quiet and peaceful town, but hides an eerie mystery behind it. There is a background story in the Wild West based on Native American legends, and it gets creepily frightening as you learn. We can even see the effects of this in the play as Arthur Morgan.

The story of the cursed town of Valentine – you can hear it from NPCs in the game – is about the town’s past. To investigate this, some players even examined the files of Red Dead Redemption 2. The curse in questionNot only does RDR 2 add a great level of detail, it also includes one of your main story locations.

In the game In the New Hannover Newspaper (No. 36) you can find “The Curse of Valentine: A Haunting SpectatleHe talks about this curse in his article:

“Valentine Vault has reported many strange images and sounds in recent years, and residents speak of a curse that has plagued the area. Ghost canoes have been seen in the water and screams of mourning Native American mothers are heard at night. At other times, it is reported that piercing screams are heard from afar on often windy, starlit evenings.

The townspeople claim it originated from an Indian family who was killed by a treasure they found years ago. The reports are enigmatic but still come from several sources, and the prevalence of Native American artifacts in the city has only increased the excitement of the locals. “

Regarding the RDR 2 Valentine Curse incident, players can hear NPCs in various parts of the city talking about the curse. The town’s gunsmith R.L. Dalton ve Worth’s General Store’un sahibi Jacob Worth by, they can find dialogues about curse. This curse is also mentioned in a conversation between Karen and Mary-Beth in Horseshoe Overlook, the first settlement of our community in the main story. The Karen and Mary-Beth dialogue talks about the curse made by the last Indian before he was killed after a massacre in the town. Also, the RDR 2 Valentine Curse incident isn’t the only Native American mystery in Red Dead Redemption 2.

RDR 2 Valentine Curse Mystery - The Cursed Town

A camper in the game also mentions a picture of the massacre that can be found in the game files but cut from the final version. The picture he shows shows the colonists who carried out the massacre spoken of between Karen and Mary-Beth. Karen also mentions the presence of an owl or eagle in the grave, and possibly the eagle that landed on Arthur Morgan’s grave if the game was finished with a high honor level.

However, there is another interpretation of the curse. The team meets Thomas Downes and Leopold Strauss lends him a loan. As many of you know, Arthur eventually goes to kill him and takes the money from Downes, which caused him to contract tuberculosis. Presumably, the RDR 2 Valentine Curse mystery was included in the game to anticipate the misfortune to befall Arthur. It is interesting that a curse that ultimately had an effect on the residents of the town struck Arthur, because Arthur is not a native of Morgan Valentine.

It is interesting that Rockstar bases the fate and ending of the main character of the story on the myths of the Wild West. The story, which is about the tuberculosis that killed Arthur Morgan, was transmitted by an Indian curse, is based on a supernatural basis. Putting aside the supernatural side of things, returning to reality, Arthur’s death is the exact opposite of what Europeans did to the natives during the discovery of America. As you know, during the discovery of America, many of them were killed by infecting the natives with a disease by the explorers.

The important point to underline here is how Arthur got this disease, which is the Indian curse. As in the case of the massacre mentioned in the story of the curse, Arthur suffered this cursed disease while he was showing greed and violence. It remains unclear why the carnage picture the camper showed you was removed from the game, or why the eagle was put in the grave of the good Arthur and not someone who should have been cursed. The RDR 2 Valentine Curse mystery may still not be fully resolved, but in this article we think we have drawn a general picture of the history of its story and its effects on the game.

You can also watch the wonderful video below, where the YouTube channel Strange Man explains the details of the mystery of RDR 2 Valentine Curse.

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