Razer invests $ 50 million to support nature

The company, which we know with game accessories, aims to support nature with the Razer Green Fund, worth $ 50 million.

Razer company, which has also signed different social responsibility projects before, has recently signed different projects to increase the awareness of users. Taking some action to save trees and finally offering a new range of products with plastics extracted from the sea, the company has now set up the $ 50 million Razer Green Fund to support nature. The company’s explanation and details on this issue are as follows;

Razer invests $ 50 million to support nature

Razer announced the launch of the $ 50 million “Razer Green Fund” and the award-winning sustainable products initiative “The Nurturing Co. Pte. Ltd.” (“The Nurturing Co”) announced its seed investments. The organization draws attention by creating BAMBOOLOO, one of the world’s first single-use plastic-free bamboo toilet paper and home care brands.

In March 2021, Razer, as part of the #GoGreenWithRazer initiative, will be a 10-year-old, detailing four key points of the firm’s commitment to protecting nature and the environment, including using “100% Renewable Energy” and achieving “100% Carbon Neutrality” by 2025. outlined the sustainability roadmap. Under this 10-year plan, Razer is also under the “Green Community” to train and bring players around the world to contribute to environmental goals; Multiple products, including the highly successful Sneki Snek Campaign, run in partnership with Conservation International to preserve 1 million trees, and the limited edition Kanagawa Wave Apparel Collection made from recycled marine plastics. announced the initiative.

Razer invests $ 50 million to support nature

Supporting sustainability initiatives through the Razer Green Fund

In order to celebrate Earth Day in accordance with FrĊŸman’s 10-year sustainability roadmap, Razer has allocated $ 50 million to support and invest in environmental and sustainability initiatives. The Razer Green Fund will be managed by zVentures, Razer’s corporate initiatives arm, and will be an integral part of Razer’s strategic investment activities.

Entering the Green Investments vertical, the Razer Green Fund will seek to foster a green mindset among Razer’s youth, generation Y and generation Z through selective strategic investments. These investments; aims to accelerate renewable energy, carbon and plastic management focused sustainability companies. With the Razer Green Fund, startups will be able to confidently deliver innovative technologies that will help shape the world for future generations.

“Since the announcement of our 10-year sustainability roadmap, Razer has been filled with demands on how startups around the world can accelerate their green initiatives,” said Patricia Liu, Razer’s Chief of Staff. “The Razer Green Fund was established with the aim of empowering new startups to reach their goals.”

Razer partners with BAMBOOLOO

To launch the new Green Fund initiative, Razer has made a seed investment in The Nurturing Co. through zVentures. The partnership is part of Razer Green, providing the application and supply of bamboo toilet paper at some Razer global offices, including BAMBOOLOO (The Nurturing Co.’s sustainable toilet paper brand) Southeast Asia Headquarters and new offices also to be opened in Malaysia. will ensure that all of Razer’s office operations are 100% carbon neutral.

Razer invests $ 50 million to support nature

Bamboo pulp has proven to be a sustainable choice for toilet paper. In addition to the growth rate, producing bamboo pulp requires 90% less water and 70% less carbon compared to wood pulp. A family of four could save more than 30,000 liters of water a year by switching to bamboo toilet paper. BAMBOOLOO helps consumers give up wood pulp paper products by offering bamboo-based toilet paper and other home care products.

“BAMBOOLOO truly embodies our mission to protect the world for future generations,” said Liu. “We are confident that this investment will be a strong priority for growing conservation initiatives to follow the same path.”

The Nurturing Co. is excited to see Razer as a strategic investor. The Nurturing Co. “With Razer, The Nurturing Co. BAMBOOLOO will bring our sustainable, less environmentally effective products to even more consumers around the world,” said David Ward, CEO and Founder.

Razer joined The Nurturing Co. to take advantage of Razer’s ecosystem and grow its business. will continue to work with. Razer will also continue to invest in other promising sustainability initiatives with a focus on renewable energy, carbon, plastic management and sustainable forestry.

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