Rainbow Six Parasite 5 minutes gameplay leaked

A new 5-minute gameplay video has been leaked for Rainbow Six Parasite. You can watch from our news without uninstalling Ubisoft!

Although gameplay footage has been posted about it before, it was removed by Ubisoft and now we have a 5-minute Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay video. Parasite, the new game in the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, is a few years ahead in the future of the universe. Rainbow operators will fight against an entirely new type of mutated alien parasites that infect humanity’s nest.

Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay video

It is said to be a tense, chaotic and completely unpredictable experience to be played with 3 players in the PvE (Player versus environment) type. Every time players step into the quarantine zone, they will risk many things about their team. Therefore we’ll play on thorns Rainbow Six Parasite gameplay is similar to the video below.

As you can see in the video, the game, which has a fast and tense atmosphere, is reminiscent of Rainbow Six: Siege in terms of gameplay mechanics. We can say that the game, whose system requirements have been leaked before, does not look bad at all. We do not know how many hours this video will survive, let’s say that if it is deleted from YouTube, we will have to remove it from the post.

rainbow six parasite

Again, before stepping into the quarantine zone, players will be able to adjust their equipment. After arranging their weapons and the auxiliary equipment they will carry with them, the real struggle will begin. It is obvious that with the linear structure of the tasks, it will offer the players an environment where they will have to rely on each other, fast and tense. As we mentioned in a previous report, if the company cannot prevent these leakage videos, we are likely to see an official and long trailer in the future.

The number of official information coming in for the game developed in Ubisoft Montreal is less than leaks. For this reason, there is no clear information about the release date, but it is planned to be released in the 2021-2022 fiscal year. We continue to expect an official trailer for Rainbow Six Parasite with its structure and promising images that will excite those who love Tom Clancy’s universe. You can also share your views about the game with us and other readers in the comments section just below.

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