Project KATO stands out with its fighting system

Have you seen the game called Project KATO, which looks very impressive with its fast and fluid gameplay? You will love the gameplay images!

Recently, we started to see a lot of games that show with their trailers such as The Day Before and iLL. A new one has been added to these and this time the theme is a little different. Set in a world inhabited by robots based on the cyberpunk theme Project KATO, the games that show off with their new trailer join the caravan. KATO, which is still in the very early stages of the construction phase, may make a lot of noise in the upcoming period if it continues in this way.

Blazing video for Project KATO

By ImagineDreams Unreal Engine 4 Project KATO, developed using game engine technology, is about an interesting story. The new trailer for the game, which looks quite impressive, especially with its visual effects and animations, looks just as impressive. Let’s watch the gameplay video first and then talk about the game.

The game, which looks fast and impressive with its mobile combat system, includes both melee and weapon use mechanics. It is also possible to follow the development process of the game on the developer’s YouTube channel. ImagineDreams’s new game, which broadcasts the systems they have integrated and their testing processes in short videos, is still at the very beginning of the way. Still, it has the potential to influence actors with its images.

Project KATO stands out with its fighting system

The story, which begins with the words “The biggest mistake made by machines was to create their own enemies”, will be about KATO, who fights against other robots to regain his humanity. Stating that the music is the basis of Project KATO’s gameplay, the developer states that he attaches importance to fluency. The game, in which we will use weapons by combining our special abilities and melee mechanics, promises a rhythmic and fluid gameplay. Speaking of special abilities, you can also find in-engine footage in the developer’s latest video. Also to web pages by clicking here you can reach.

Last year, we saw that independent games are very popular productions. This year, independent games, which will be mentioned again, started to show themselves. I also leave the links of the video we discussed the iLL game we prepared for you before and the gameplay video for The Day Before. So what do you think about KATO? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section at the bottom.

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