Professional Turkish esports player succumbed to COVID

Turkish Rainbow Six: Siege player Arif “Next1” Keskin, who achieved great success in the professional arena, unfortunately could not win his battle against the coronavirus.

Arif Keskin was a professional Rainbow Six: Siege player known as “Next1” in the professional arena. About a month ago, he contracted COVID-19 and sadly, he succumbed to the disease and passed away. 2-3 in teams like Defusekid. Arif “Next1” Keskin, a talented player who played in stage events, soon after Had joined the LowLandLions. In addition to the tournament with his new team, he also won the Benelux League Season 5 group stages.

Professional esports player Arif Keskin passed away

Continuing with a successful momentum, Next1 joined Chaos Esports Club in September 2020. They soon played in the Nordic Championship – 2020 finals and won the trophy against Granit Gaming. However, they finished the Europa League 2020 – Stage 2 stage in eighth place.

In January 2021, the Chaos Esports Club parted ways with Next1, and the young actress continued to showcase her talents live on Twitch. However, Arif “Next1” Keskin caught Covid in mid-April.

According to his statement Next1 had trouble breathing, and his body was quite weak due to the symptoms of COVID-19. Two days later Twitter ‘and shared a post in which he thanked everyone for their good wishes. Unfortunately Arif “Next1” Keskin could not win the war against coronavirus and passed away. Soon, the entire community offered condolences to their family and friends and sent their prayers.

Professional Turkish esports player succumbed to COVID

“We are so sorry to hear that our ex-player Next1 passed away tragically,” said Chaos Esports. “He was a great personality and we were proud that he played under the Chaos banner. Right now all our best wishes are with his family …”

Next1’s former teammate Sha77e: “I got lost in words, I heard that Next1 was in the hospital a while ago because of COVID, and now we lost our dear friend this morning. All my prayers and good wishes with his family and friends. He was always friendly and it was a pleasure to get to know him.” Rest in peace my friend … “

Former G2 Esports coach Sua also expressed regret at the loss of such a great personality. “This morning, a dear friend of mine lost his fight with Covid. I got lost in words and I can’t describe how I felt. There were so many things we wanted to do, we had so many plans. And now he’s gone. I can’t find words to say. Lie in the lights Arif.”

We wish our condolences and patience to the family, lovers and friends of professional esports player Arif “Next1” Keskin. Sleep in the lights, Arif …

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