Press Reset, which contains behind the scenes secrets of game studios, is released

After two years of reporting, the Press Reset book came out, containing “deep” information about game studios and their staff.

Blood, Sweat, and Pixels, released September 5, 2017, described as “A tribute to the dedicated men and anonymous heroes who strive to advance their mission to create the best games imaginable.”Blood, Sweat, and Pixels) author Jason Schreier new book Press Reset: Ruin and Recovery in the Video Game Industry output. Book; It unearths the stories behind several major game studio shutdowns, including BioShock studio Irrational and Dead Space developer Visceral. Press Reset, the second book by the New York-based Bloomberg reporter, often includes interviews with people from the last days of Big Huge Games (Kingdoms of Amalur), Junction Point (Epic Mickey), and more, who work on strategy games.

Jason Schreier is known for his “deep” stories about the gaming industry. He’s working on reports that focus specifically on the subcultures of leading developers. Jason Schreier left Kotaku last year to join the Bloomberg News team.

Press Reset, which contains behind the scenes secrets of game studios, is released

According to the VGC Jason Schreier produced the book Press Reset in a two-year report. At the same time, he says he sees his book as his best work to date:

‚ÄúPress Reset; It contains detailed information about Irrational (BioShock), Visceral (Dead Space) and 38 Studios / Big Huge Games (Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning). Readers will learn stunning facts about many gaming industry people, from those they may know (Warren Spector, Ken Levine) to people they don’t know yet (Gwen Frey, Zach Mumbach). He adds: “It took me about two years to turn Press Reset into a book. Almost all of the reports in its content were obtained in the form of first-person narration.”

Press Reset is a source of pride for Jason Schreier

“It was definitely challenging; there were points where I had no idea how to put the entire draft together, but these points were fun, manageable. And I’m extremely proud of my Press Reset book. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.”

The Press Reset book offers an engaging and enjoyable reading experience. This experience; It also includes sad stories about talented developers losing their jobs due to seemingly minor flaws. Jason Schreier says his book Press Reset is looking for some solutions to the boom-crash problems in the gaming industry:

“Video games make $ 180 billion a year. Why is this industry so incapable of employing its employees in a happy, healthy and stable manner? The Press Reset book asks this question and explores some solutions to the problems it finds.”

Press Reset is now Amazon US and Amazon UK is accessible via.

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