Playstation Plus Video service coming?

If we look at the leaks that arise, Sony aims to expand its subscription service with the Playstation Plus Video Pass system.

Playstation Plus Video Pass It was the result of some leaked images. Although no official statement has been made yet, Sony, Playstation Plus Video Pass aims to expand the existing PS Plus subscription service with the system. It is not yet clear whether this service, whose details are not yet known, will be a separate subscription or will be added to the PlayStation Plus service. It is also thought that Sony has resorted to such an application to attract more subscribers if it is offered to Playstation Plus users.

Sony is working on PlayStation Plus Video Pass system

Playstation Plus Video service coming?

Video Games Chronicle sitesinin according to the news Sony’s new service has been leaked through the company’s official site. This page, which was activated for a short time on the Playstation Poland page, was immediately removed from the publication. Of course, users who noticed the situation in this process managed to take the necessary screenshots.

In the explanations about the service, a short-term advantage was mentioned for the Playstation Plus. It is among the information that the trial period will be available to all PS Plus members and this period will continue until April 22, 2022. So we can think that Sony has the idea to offer this service to its users for at least a year. In the visuals about the service, we see films such as Bloodshot, Venom and Zombieland: Double Tap, which are signed by Sony.

On the other hand, Sony announced in the past months that it will close the Movie and TV shows section of the Playstation Store. As of August 31, it was announced that users cannot buy or rent movies or TV series on the PS Store. After this decision, Sony may be in different searches for movies and TV series. Of course, after all these allegations, we are waiting for the official announcement from Sony.

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