Playstation Plus March games leaked

According to the leak, we see that there are four different games in PlayStation Plus in March, especially Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Playstation plus March games were leaked early. Moreover, when we look at the game list Final Fantasy VII Remake We see that such an important game is also on the list. While this issue makes some games happy, the different decision taken may upset some players like me.

Playstation Plus March games released

Sony as you know Playstation plus has increased the gear a bit in his subscription. It is aimed to increase the interest in the console, especially with the free games on the PS5 side. As a matter of fact, we learned at the State of Play presentation last night that an important new game such as Oddworld: Soulstorm will be given free to PS5 users who are PS Plus subscribers in April.

In the past few minutes, a significant leak came from sites primarily from Japan, and then from Sony itself. After leaks from Japan, a visual of PS Plus March was shared on the Playstation Netherlands official site. This image was later removed, but of course the followers of the page did not neglect to save the image.

Playstation Plus March games leaked

Made to leak When we look at it, we see that Final Fantasy VII Remake, one of the best games of the past year, will be given to PS Plus users for free. However, in the description section, it is stated that if you get this game for free, you cannot update to the PS5 version. The PS5 version of the game will be released in June, and if you have bought it before, you will be able to access this update for free. Players who think to buy the game directly on PS5 will do this after it is given for free, I’m not sure. I hope the PS5 update will be offered with a specified amount on this free version.

PS Plus Looking at the other games of March for PS4 Final Fantasy VII Remake outside Farpoint and given for free on the Epic Games Store in recent months Remnant From Ahes we see their games. If on the PS5 side Model named game is listed.

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