PlayStation 3 games are history

Some PlayStation 3 games have allegedly stopped receiving updates and checking if the game is up to date. The end of a generation …

PlayStation 3 users claim that some games stopped receiving updates before Sony planned digital store closures. Opened by a member of the PSN Profiles forum, from the link in a subject you can access; Twisted Metal, Journey and Gran Turismo 5 Listed more than 30 games that allegedly stopped detecting / receiving updates, including Among the listed games are Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Battlefield 4, Payday 2, flOw, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, SoulCalibur IV and Just Cause 2 takes place.

The number of games listed under the topic that has received more than 100 posts is not limited to just 30, but is increasing considerably. If the allegations are true, PlayStation 3 users will no longer have the opportunity to play games that stop detecting / receiving updates with the most up-to-date features. So much so that for some games, there is a possibility that they may not even benefit from online features (trophies, etc.).

PlayStation 3 games listed above that are allegedly affected by users; Even when using XMB to manually check for an update, it will not detect and download any game patches as it is. Sony Interactive Entertainment has a very clear statement on this subject: “Sony has confirmed that it will close its PlayStation 3 and PSP online stores on July 2, and then the Vita store on August 27.”

PS3 and PSP stores will be closed on July 2, while the PS Vita store will remain open until August 27. After these dates, it will not be possible to receive digital copies or additional packs of games for any of the Sony consoles mentioned above.

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PlayStation 3 games are history

PlayStation 3 games mingling with the dusty pages of history

After the store closes, users will be able to re-download and play PS Plus games in addition to previously purchased games as long as they remain subscribed. According to the analysis of the VGC Around 140 (one hundred and forty) PlayStation games will no longer be available for purchase when Sony closes its PSP, PS Vita and PS3 stores this summer.

Approximately 2,200 digital games will be removed from PlayStation markets. Among these games; There are also games like Infamous: Festival of Blood, Echochrome II, Lumines Supernova, and The Last Guy. However, most of the games that will be removed will continue to be actively located on other platforms such as PC or Xbox.

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The bottom line is that even though the PlayStation 3 and PSP online stores are not closed yet, existing games are in danger of not getting any more updates. So what do you think about this issue, especially active PlayStation 3 players? You can indicate your opinion in the comments section.

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