Paribu invites university students

The cryptocurrency trading platform Paribu is holding an inter-university PUBG Mobile Tournament. PUBG Mobile Tournament within the scope of “Paribu Campus Challenge” is starting.

Paribu, which offers fast, easy and secure cryptocurrency transaction service to its users, organized a game in cooperation with Gaming in Turkey. PUBG Mobile Tournament Registration has started. University students will compete in the tournament in the sandy-stormy valleys of Miramar, the unique forests of Erangel and maps that will change according to the qualifiers.

PUBG Mobile Tournament: Paribu invites university students

Registration for the tournament, which will include a total of 128 teams and 512 players, can be made until April 10. After the qualifiers to be held, the 4-person teams that qualify for the tournament will pass the quarter and semi-final eliminations and compete for the prize in the final.

PUBG Mobile Tournament with lots of rewards

In the tournament where 10 TL will be defined as a gift to the Paribu accounts of every player who participates and plays all their matches, the first team will win 6,000 TL worth of Bitcoin, the second team will receive 4,000 TL, the third team will win 3,000 TL, and the fourth team will win 2,000 TL.

Participants will represent their universities in the live broadcast of the grand finale

Every step of the intercollegiate Paribu Campus Challenge PUBG Mobile Tournament, where young people can represent their universities with their success in the tournament, will create a different excitement for the participants. For the qualifying matches that will start on April 14, 512 players will be divided into 8 groups consisting of 16 teams.

While each team will be evaluated over 2 matches, the first 8 teams that collect the most points by leaving their opponents behind will qualify for the quarter-finals. The quarter-finals of the PUBG Mobile Tournament will take place on April 15, over 4 groups of 16 teams. The semi-final matches, which will also be played on April 15, will be played live on 2 groups of 16 teams each. The 8 teams that get the most points from each group will be entitled to represent their university in the tournament final on April 16th.

2 qualifying lobbies at 21.00 on April 14, semi-final matches on April 15 at 23.30 and grand final matches on April 16 at 21.00, GIT Sports Nimo TV and GIT Sports Dlive will be broadcast live on channels. At the same time, Paribu will make an effective entrance to the world of esports and motivate them with tournament awards specially prepared for university students. University students will also support their teams in the big final live broadcast of the intercollegiate PUBG Mobile Tournament, where many awards will find their winners.

Information on the lobby where the tournament will be played after the application GIT Sports Discord to be shared from. For detailed information Paribu’s official blog ParibuLogYou can visit.

If you want to leave my competitors behind in PUBG Mobile with my team and take my university to the finals, for detailed information. visit the address!

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