Pac-Man 99 in Battle Royale is released for free

Nintendo presented the Pac-Man 99 game, which it announced recently, to Switch Online subscribers for free, right after its announcement.

Nintendo recently Pac-Man 99 announced the game and announced that this game in the Battle Royale type will be offered to Switch Online users for free. Right after its announcement, the game took its place on the Switch Online platform. If you have a Switch Online subscription, you can download the game via Nintendo eShop as of now. for free You can download it and challenge 98 other players.

Pac-Man 99 released for free

Pac-Man 99 in Battle Royale genre released for free

Pac-Man 99 goes from Tetris 99 and Mario 35 games that the company has previously released. In the game, which has a similar dynamism, 99 players fight against each other. There is a new ghost system in the game, which adds new dynamics to the classic Pac-Man gameplay.

The general operation of the game actually has the Pac-Man gameplay we are used to. In other words, you collect the points in the game field, escape from the ghosts and with the power-ups you receive, this time you are devouring the ghosts that try to escape from you. Since it is a multiplayer type, a different dynamic has been added to the game this time. You defeat the ghosts that appear to attack your opponents and send them to the playground of other players in a way. Of course, high risk also brings stronger attacks. You create the Ghost Train and send it to crush your opponents.

Apart from the classic gameplay we are used to and the new ghost system, we also have some features just like Tetris 99. In addition to features such as speed, strength, Hunter, you will also be able to direct your attacks to which players to go. You can view the video of Pac-Man 99, which is free on the Switch Online system, below.

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