Overwatch gets NVidia Reflex support

After several weeks of testing on test servers, Overwatch NVidia Reflex support greatly reduces system latency.

Blizzard’s competitive game Overwatch NVidia Reflex gains support. Reflex support, which is stated to reduce the latency in the system, comes to the main servers after a few weeks on test servers. It is also stated that this support will be offered for Rust and Ghostrunner soon. NVidia’s explanation and details on the subject are as follows;

Delays are prevented with Overwatch NVidia Reflex support

Overwatch gamers with GeForce graphics cards can now take advantage of NVIDIA Reflex technology, which reduces system latency to further improve their competitiveness. NVIDIA Reflex can be enabled in the game settings, allowing faster targeting of opponents, quicker responsiveness and increasing target precision.

Overwatch gets NVidia Reflex support

After several weeks of testing on test servers (PTR), NVIDIA Reflex, which reduces system latency by up to 50% and significantly improves the game’s responsiveness, is deployed today on Overwatch’s main servers. NVIDIA Reflex Instant improvements and reduction of system lag during targeting provide the best experience for players regardless of the hero, abilities and weapons used.

Reflex Comes to Rust and Ghostrunner

NVIDIA also announced two new games that will soon feature NVIDIA Reflex low latency technology.

  • Facepunch Studios’ successful game Rust
  • One More Level’s futuristic ninja action game Ghostrunner

NVIDIA Reflex Keeps Getting Better

Other improvements in NVIDIA Reflex include:

A new optimization update has been made in “Boost” mode that can reduce latency in certain CPU dependent scenarios.

  • The new optimization has been implemented in Fortnite, reducing latency by up to an additional 15% in CPU-dependent scenarios.
  • Valorant will roll out this optimization in the next patch. Initial tests show a 10-15% improvement in system latency compared to the previous version in similar CPU-dependent situations.

Four new Reflex Latency Analyzer compatible mice including:


Three mouse manufacturers have released firmware updates to enable Reflex Latency Analyzer, including:

  • AOPEN Fire Legend GM310
  • Acer Predator Cestus 350
  • Razer Deathadder v2 Pro

Acer launches new Predator X25 360Hz Reflex Latency Analyzer equipped monitor

NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience implementation has been updated to include various user-requested features, including:

  • Ability to save all performance monitoring data in a CSV file (including latency statistics from FPS and Reflex Latency Analyzer).
  • Ability to choose the number of samples the Reflex Latency Analyzer will use for averaging.
  • Adding GPU usage to the set of latency metrics to help easily determine when a game is CPU or GPU dependent.

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