Outriders will give players free items

People Can Fly will give Outriders players free items to compensate for their frustration in the first week.

Geli┼čtirici People Can Fly, Outriders He shared details of his first major patch scheduled for release next week. It also announced a “community appreciation package” to compensate for launch issues that caused many people to be unable to play the game. They made some sincere statements together.

Outriders “community appreciation package” will be distributed

“After more than five years of working on Outriders, we are as disappointed as you are that the launch weekend was not going as planned,” the developer said in a Reddit post.

Anyone who plays the game between March 31 and April 11 will be given a legendary weapon and an appropriate amount of titanium for the level. Of course, this issue may vary yet. Studio, “Of appreciation package “We are still determining when it will be delivered.”

The game’s first major patch will include “general stability improvements for the matchmaking service,” and People Can Fly is pretty confident that the fixes included in the update will fix the crash issues players are experiencing. Patch notes as follows:

Patch notes

  • Crossplay will be reopened after the update is released
  • General stability improvements for the matching service
  • Crash regulations
  • Fixes an error that caused inventory to be deleted completely
  • Fixes the crash when completing the “Bad Day” side quest
  • Fixes crash in No Man’s Land when you set your language to Spanish
  • Fixes the issue of crashing when opening the game, also fixes many random crashes
  • Fixes disappearance of HUD in some cases
  • Fixed a respawn issue in multiplayer expeditions
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to drop from the world
  • Many other fixes and improvements

Outriders will give players free items

People Can Fly He hopes to release the patch on all platforms simultaneously, but warns: “This may not always be possible.”

The developer studio is gearing up for the coming weeks to gift epic and legendary items to players who have lost their inventory. “While we will make our best efforts to fix things, unfortunately we cannot guarantee the details of the above or the timeline for this, as we may encounter technical difficulties that delay our work.”

Although the developer is disappointed with the erroneous outcome of the game, we hope that in the future, we will encounter an Outriders where the problems are solved. Do not forget to mention your opinions in the comments.

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