Outriders tripled the Avengers in a matter of hours

Outriders tripled Marvel’s Avengers just hours after its release. The new RPG turned out well, let’s see how it will go.

New RPG game from Square Enix and People Can Fly OutridersTripled Marvel’s Avengers in instant player count. The new RPG has already tripled the highest number of concurrent players in Marvel’s Avengers within a few hours of the first day.

Outriders attracted a lot of attention

Avengers was launched by Square Enix in September 2020, but the reviews and players’ comments were not that heartwarming. According to SteamDB, the highest number of players in the last 7 months is only 31,165. Although it is a big budget production, it has less number of simultaneous players than many independent games.

Outriders, on the other hand, became available yesterday evening, and the game took the Avengers’ highest number of players upside down. It reached 111,953 people on the first day of its release. Let’s also mention that there are around 1,400 people who are currently playing The Avengers. Avengers, about two months after its release made no profit. That’s what the developer said in a statement in November.


The technical problems of the game, in addition to the delays in the expansion packs, gradually led to the withdrawal of players’ interest. In this sense, we can say that Outriders did a really good job compared to the Avengers. Of course, let’s note that these instant player numbers are only taken from the Steam platform.

Outriders Coop is a third person shooter game. It appeared as a story-oriented production supported by RPG elements. Steam reviews are currently “mixed” with server and optimization complaints. We also play the game, we will share its review with you as soon as possible. Continue to follow us.

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