Opponent came for Lady Dimitrescu from Shadow Warrior 3

The latest trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 sheds light on an episode and a new weapon in the game, showing Lady D’s new rival Motoko.

Developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Devolver Digital continue to release new trailers of the game. As the development process continues, a new trailer has been released for Shadow Warrior 3, which will appear later this year. While the video you can watch below shows a new episode in the game, a new weapon and one of our main enemies Lady Dimitrescu could rival for Motoko is also revealed. Let’s see who is this Motoko, what does he do?

New rival for Lady D from Shadow Warrior 3: Motoko

One of our main enemies mentioned, Motoko is the last remaining wizard of the Kumo Brotherhood and our sister who likes to play with electricity. By showing this, the developer reveals how much he has actually surpassed himself and increases his claim that the new game will be a great experience for Shadow Warrior lovers. This new villain, Motoko, we know little about yet, “Motoko’s ThunderdomeA stylish and rich hosts the fighting arena. Its appearance is also very impressive, you can see it in the image below.

Opponent came for Lady Dimitrescu from Shadow Warrior 3

We love seeing such ambitious characters, although we don’t yet know exactly his final role in the game’s script. We have seen the most recent example of this in Capcom’s Resident Evil Village game, from the interest that received for Lady Dimitrescu. So I think it’s okay for developers to do more of this. Do you think so?

You can also see the new arena and the new weapon mentioned in the new gameplay video published. Do not forget to mention your opinion in the comments.

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