Operation Siege Crimson Heist and more

We have compiled the information for the new season operators and the new year’s roadmap, which started with Operation Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Heist.

For Ubisoft’s popular FPS game Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Heist Operasyonu The first season of the 6th year begins with. In the new season, Ubisoft announces the details of the Flores operator and the changes that come with the update via a live broadcast. For the game that is the equivalent of tactical FPS words Year 6 in Season 1 Let’s see what kind of changes await us. They also shared the 2021 roadmap, including all seasons that will take place this year and the countries of the operators.

Rainbow Six: Operation Siege Crimson Heist – New Operator Flores

Ubisoft also shared the roadmap for the new year, as well as showing the operators that will participate in the operations for four seasons this year. First season Argentinaseason two Nakodato the third season Croatiaand the fourth season IrelandWe are going to. The operators that will come each season will depend on this country. What Turkish players have wanted for years Turkish operators is it? Not again … The operator from Nakoda will be one of the people. Also, don’t forget to watch the story trailer of the new season.

Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Heist Border map is changing this season with the operation. Expressing that they want to make it much more competitive than the original, Ubisoft will make usual map arrangements throughout the season. We have seen examples of this in the past seasons. In addition, they are also aware of the fact that the defenders are too strong due to the deteriorating balances in the new season. They report that by paying more attention to the attacking team, they will sort out the situation.

Coming to the game “Address System“It has been running in the background for a long time. This system is designed to evaluate the players and get feedback from the community. In this system, if your score is too low, you may face sanctions, while if people think you are a good player, you can win prizes.

“All menus will be redesigned and new logo is coming”

A new logo is coming to the game later this year, and all Rainbow Six Siege menus will be overhauled. They want it to be welcoming for newcomers to the game. The new designs look pretty nice.

Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Operation Heist and more

Good news for you if you’re streaming Rainbow Six: Siege

Live broadcast Good news for publishers using any of their platforms! If someone watches your streams and tries to catch you in the game, they wait longer. With the added settings, you will now be able to hide your region, ping and name. This will not give people a chance to find you from the broadcast.

Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Operation Heist and more

The attacking side can now switch operators and equipment while watching the opposing team with the drone.

With the balance broken that you are getting overpowered This was Ubisoft’s first move. Now the attacking side will be able to change its operators, weapons and equipment according to the information gathered while the defender is in preparation. Does this feature over-strengthen the attacking side in such a way that it will again destabilize the game? We cannot know there. It will emerge as you play over time. Of course, when this is the case, it will be more important for the defender to hide themselves, hide what they are doing, and neutralize them instead of playing games with enemy drones. Thus, the preparation phase of the game will be played according to the flow of the game, not by rote.

Also the attacker is now will be able to use previously placed drones after death. Not only as a camera, but also by acting, he will be able to stay in the game and inform his team even after he dies. In this sense, we will be more useful after we die, rather than linger with something until the round is over. Of course, new bulletproof cameras are added for the defenders in order to prevent the attacking side from being too strong. These cameras can fire an EMP arrow to disable nearby devices.

With operation Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Heist, “armor” is now added to player’s health

Your characters in the new season instead of speed and armor, speed and health it will be. Characters who previously had strong armor will now have more health, but are not expected to make a big difference to the game experience. It is just an arrangement made for players to better understand the “why or how” of some things.

Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Operation Heist and more

In addition, the newly added Gonne-6, like its defensive bulletproof cameras, is used to destroy enemy devices by throwing something in the style of an EMP arrow. All players will be able to use it as a secondary weapon. In this way, it will be a little easier to pierce the defense or make it difficult for the attackers to get information.

Some innovations are also made in privatization

Especially Elite operator costumes This update, which will allow it to be used with other titles, will be released for the game soon. If you want to wear a Rainbow is Magic headgear on Tachanka’s elite uniform, it won’t be a problem. This will allow users to create their own characters without being limited to their costume looks. At least somehow, you’ll be carrying a signature from yourself.

Changes are also made to the border map with the Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Heist operation. There was an imbalance due to the high visibility on the map but the bomb sites being too full. Now, a more balanced defense / attack environment will be created by especially evacuating the inner parts.

Here’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, new operator: Flores!

Confronted with remotely controlled explosive drone Argentine operator Florescoming for the attacking side. After the defense operator Aruni, who arrived last season, the balance with Flores is changing a little more. The operator, who can take and detonate explosives wherever he wants with the drone he uses, seems to be the defender’s nightmare.

Of course, some of Flores’ features are low so that it is not too deadly. Namely, the drone explodes 3 seconds after receiving the order where it goes, and there is too much space left for the enemy to escape. Of course, if he can’t escape, the drone that explodes at his feet will bring him to an end. Also their primary weapon AR-33 ve SR-25 has become an operator that can become a favorite of the players. Flores, which comes across with the GSH-18 secondary weapon and mines and stun bombs found in all other operators, looks quite impressive.

Rainbow Six: Siege Crimson Operation Heist and more

Operation Crimson Heist and plans for this year are quite exciting

This year’s roadmap shared by Ubisoft for the popular FPS game looks really exciting. The great partnerships, as well as the features they say will come for the game, and the Crimson Heist season, is pretty good. From the video just below the entire panel you can watch.

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