Official trailer for the Turkish game Angelic released

The official trailer for Angelic, a local production turn-based strategy game developed by Metaverse Game Studio, has been released.

A local production that is prepared to appear with its original story and gameplay mechanics. Angelic The official promotional trailer for However, we can say that the game opened on the Steam store page also looks very impressive in all aspects. An official release date has not been announced for the game, which we see that it is trying to stand out among the games of its genre with its gameplay and story where tactics and strategy gain importance.

Angelic official trailer released

Angelic, the turn-based strategy game set in a dark science fiction universe developed by Metaverse Game Studios, looks pretty good. Developed with Unreal Engine 4 game engine technology, the prominent feature of the production is the desire to create an original product in terms of both gameplay and story. Here is the official promotional trailer published!

Angelic has a turn-based gameplay and it is very important to set up your strategies well in the game. The game, which has been in development for more than a year, has finally got its own Steam store page and its first official trailer. In addition, you can have a better idea about the game with the gameplay images we will immediately embed below. It seems that it will promise an enjoyable experience with its very nice looking structure and the original mechanics it really contains.

A release date has not yet been specified on the game’s Steam store page. Instead, they used the expressions “When the Goddess Permits” ie “When the Goddess Permits”. Let’s underline that a reference is made to the fiction of the game.

It will be a story about 200 years after the war between companies and neo-people in the 28th century. The “angels” have returned from deep space, companies have dominated the world long ago, and the emergence of neo-humans is beginning to threaten them. At the same time, when a highly contagious and terrifying fungus has gripped the world, they will not be able to tolerate it at all. Here, between this story, we are promised a huge conflict in which we will have trouble figuring out what the right decision is.

Official trailer for the Turkish game Angelic released

Obviously the game looks really impressive. If you like it From the Steam store Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist, it goes without saying how much this has helped developers. Also, don’t forget to mention your opinion about Angelic in the comments section.

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