Nintendo Switch Pro release date may be before E3

We held our breath, we’re counting down for the new Nintendo Switch Pro release date. Incoming sensations point to pre-E3.

In the news by Bloomberg, it was claimed that the new model of the Nintendo handheld console Switch, Nintendo Switch Pro, was taken before the E3 release date. It is thought that the console, which was planned for September or October of this year as a release date, will be on the production line and will be on sale in July at the E3 Fair, which will take place soon.

Nintendo Switch Pro release date may be July 2021

Of course, although there is no clear information at the moment, it is highly possible to make this announcement at the time of E3 when the interest in video games is at the top. Also, according to Bloomberg, the new model will be priced higher than the Switch model, which is currently on sale for $ 299. The rationale is given to increasing labor costs due to the decreased production capacity during the pandemic process. In addition, the Switch Pro, which will be launched on the market, is expected to replace the existing standard model.

As previously claimed, the new Switch model is a 7-inch Samsung Display Co. Faster Nvidia Corp. to enable 4K resolution when connected to OLED display and TV. It is said to have a graphics processor.

We believe that Nintendo will make an effort to turn the agenda into itself with such a statement after the long pandemic, although we do not have very clear information about the subject, beyond the claim, yet.

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