Nintendo says it will turn to technology development

Nintendo has announced its plans for the future. He bought Next Level Games, which works on games such as Punch Out and Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Nintendo said that any potential acquisitions it makes and / or will make will result from the company’s need to keep up with “rapidly advancing technological innovation”.

Shuntaro Furukawa, the sixth and current president of Japan-based Nintendo, discussed the company’s plans for ¥ 1 trillion ($ 9.2 billion) at a press conference after the release of its full-year earnings results on Thursday. “We need to provide cash reserves to ensure financial stability, but if it becomes” necessary “to respond to rapidly developing technological innovation, we can buy companies with existing technologies,” he said. (NikkeiHe also said in February that it would not be right to increase the size of Nintendo’s development teams through acquisitions, as this would not result in a higher quality development staff.

Nintendo says it will turn to technology development

Nintendo talks about its plans for the upcoming period

He said all of the potential targets will be determined based on “whether or not Nintendo can improve the value of the entertainment it provides.” Nintendo, Luigi’s Mansion 3 developer in January; Vancouver had acquired Canada-based Next Level Games. This initiative has been known as Nintendo’s first acquisition in more than a decade. Next Level Games has worked on several Nintendo series over the past 15 years, including Mario Strikers Charged, Punch Out, Metroid Prime: Federation Force, and Luigi’s Mansion 2. In 2019, Luigi’s had released Mansion 3, which was highly acclaimed, and sold around 8 million copies in its first year.

Shuntaro Furukawa said of the acquisition: “This is a partner we have worked with for many years to develop various software; we decided that we can increase the quality and speed of development by making it a subsidiary and working together if necessary,” said Shuntaro Furukawa. we want resources. We don’t think expanding the scale of our business will really increase the value of the entertainment Nintendo provides. “

Furukawa also said Thursday that the global semiconductor shortage is hampering Nintendo’s Switch manufacturing efforts. We knew that one of the biggest shortcomings affecting production volume was the lack of semiconductors. Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CFO, made a similar but “optimistic” statement. Making specific statements about this problem that affects all consumer electronics industries from smartphones to automobiles, Totoki suggested that Sony has the tools to deal with this problem.

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