Nintendo game museum opens

Nintendo will use its former customer service facility in Kyoto Uji city as the Nintendo game museum, which will showcase the company’s games.

Nintendo has announced that it has started work on the game museum. The museum it plans to open at the Uji Ogura Factory will showcase productions from Nintendo’s past. Visitors will discover collectibles, consoles and products that Nintendo is currently sealing in their vaults.

Nintendo game museum opens

Nintendo game museum opens in Kyoto Uji

The Ogura factory has hitherto been used to manufacture playing cards and serve as a customer service facility. The fact that Nintendo began its life by producing playing cards called Hanafuda makes this building one of the most suitable for the exhibition.

The facility, temporarily called the “Nintendo Gallery”, where Nintendo’s historical products will be exhibited, exhibitions and experiences will take place, is expected to be completed within Fiscal Year 2023, which will end in March 2024.

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