New solution to character expressions: Metahuman Creator

Metahuman Creator, developed by Epic Games with 3Lateral and Cubic Motion, offers a new solution to character expressions.

Announced by Epic Games for Unreal Engine Metahuman Creatorseems to open new doors for character expressions and animations. As you know in the game world, although we sometimes encounter high-level works in terms of expressions, we usually encounter productions in which the characters look at our faces. Moreover, these statements are signed by the biggest companies of the game world. Bethesda has been among the companies that have been criticized for face expressions and character designs for years. Or I’m sure you all remember the crisis Mass Effect Andromeda went through.

Big improvement in Unreal Engine: Metahuman Creator

Of course, there are many companies that do their job competently. It is possible to say that studios such as Naughty Dog, Cystal Dynamics or Santa Monica take the lead. My favorite is LA Noire, released in 2011. Excellent expressions were used in this game, which uses a technology called MotianScan. Unfortunately, this technology, which we expect to see in many games afterwards, did not appear again.

Now, Epic Games is preparing to deal with this situation. Considering that most of the games on the market are developed with Unreal engine, there is a possibility to close a big gap in this regard. Metahuman This technology, which they named, will provide great convenience to the producers not only in facial expressions, but also in character creation. In the games, we see that there is generally support from different technologies for motion capture and facial expressions. By including this event in the graphics engine, Epic Games can also say that it is putting oil on the bread of independent and medium-sized companies. Epic Games has incorporated companies such as 3Lateral and Cubic Motion to add this technology to its graphics engine.

New solution to character expressions: Metahuman Creator

So what does this Metahuman Creator do?

This system, which has a cloud-based operation, will allow the character creation and expression phase to be made in much shorter times. Epic Games has also made an assertive statement on this issue. They claim that this process, which takes weeks, months, can be done in hours with the new system.

You will be able to create your own character you want to design from scratch in the system, which will turn into a constantly growing library due to its cloud-based nature. Likewise, you will be able to play and customize the characters you will get from the library. Of course, we will often encounter companies that leave this job to the player in the main character creation part.

New solution to character expressions: Metahuman Creator

When the system is opened, 30 different hair styles and 18 different body types will be in the library. This number is expected to rise much higher in a short time with new characters and customizations that users will make. As you can see in the video, we see how different character designs are created by even the smallest plays. One of the most beautiful aspects of the system lies in the animation structure. One Metahuman When you create it, you will be able to transfer its animations to other characters automatically.

Frankly, we can say that it is one of the most exciting developments we have encountered in Unreal recently. The system is planned to be opened with early access this year. A trial version with two characters currently available on the website downloadable. As I mentioned at the beginning, considering how many different companies use the engine, this technology can be taken much further in the future.

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