New Pokemon Snap review

In our New Pokemon Snap review content, we take a journey in the Pokemon world and try to take the best photos.

New Pokemon Snap review: The game was released years ago for the Nintendo 64 “Pokemon SnapAs the sequel to the game named “, it allows us to look at pokemons from an angle we haven’t seen before. So what we are trying to capture pokemon with our camera New Pokemon Snap how enjoyable, does it give the right to the price it wants, which type of players does it appeal to? Let’s examine it together.

New Pokemon Snap review

New Pokemon Snap review

In the New Pokemon Snap game, we are portraying the photographer who steps into a new region. In the new region called Lental Region, we meet Pokemon Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita, where we will be trained on examining and photographing pokemons. This region is home to many pokemon in its natural environment, where extraordinary events can happen from time to time. Some Pokemon, for example, emit glows at night. It’s not the “shiny pokemon” case, they shine as you know it.

Night Luminous Pokemon

The main story of the game takes about 8 hours and focuses on glowing pokemons. The story of “I will join the league and be the winner, I will catch all the pokemons, I will save the world while I am in touch” is experiencing a serious decrease in speed like “I will take pictures of all of them”, but it is a decline in line with the general tempo of the game. It duly fulfills its duty of providing a reason for players who want to visit various islands in the region and shoot Pokemon in their natural habitat.

New Pokemon Snap review

In order for the story to progress, we need to take pokemon photos on day and night maps in our region and increase your map experience. The photos we took are presented by Prof. It is evaluated by the Mirror and the story continues, with the next island unlocked according to our level of success. Sometimes there are moments when the story pauses, in these cases we have to go back to the same parts and take new photos and work to improve our experience. I can’t lie, it was one of the last games I expected to grind for story mode, New Pokemon Snap.

Pulling Electric Horse Pikachu

New Pokemon Snap It is a rail shooter style game that you can come across in big shopping malls nowadays. You know, you take the weapon in your hand, while the character moves automatically, you try to stop the enemies on you. The same logic, but there are no enemies here and “I’m taking pictures with your back!” you take pictures of pokemons by saying.

New Pokemon Snap review

Professor Mirror provides us with a tool called NEO-ONE, and we travel in this vehicle during the entire shooting session. The route we will go is fixed, there are opportunities to make minor changes in the route in the following stages, but our path is always clear. According to our route and the time of the day, we identify the pokemons in the area, and when we see the scene we want, we take the photo. When the episode ends, Professor Mirror evaluates the pokemon photos we took.

We follow the Pokemon in their natural environment with a device that is slightly more advanced than a standard camera, we try to get 4 different quality photos and fill the Photodex. For Photodex, we can say that it is an album like Pokedex but with photos rated with stars according to its quality. A flat pokemon photo is rated 1 star, while a pokemon displaying extraordinary moves can go up to 4 stars. For example, you can get 4 stars just because the pokemon is flexing.

There are several features that are taken into account during the evaluation of the photos. Points are awarded by looking at various categories such as what Pokemon is doing at that time, is it well-suited to the frame, how good is the background, is there any other pokemon next to it. If you go straight in the vehicle and take a photo, it is difficult for you to capture 4-star poses. You can earn higher stars by throwing fruit on the head of sleeping pokemon and waking them up. Don’t be afraid, I haven’t seen a pokemon attacking and getting angry because fruit was on his head. But there is a possibility that they will fight each other. Come on, another 4-star photo. Different actions, such as playing music, using the sphere linked to the story, or throwing fruit to eat, cause the pokemons to pose in different poses or reveal a hidden pokemon.

New Pokemon Snap review

With New Pokemon Snap, we can take photos of 214 different pokemons. They have placed a variety of pokemons from all games, not just over the pokemons of a single region. In addition to the favorite pokemon of the first generation such as Pikachu and Bulbasaur, names added in recent games such as Scorbunny can also be seen in the game. My eyes searched Mimik, but unfortunately it was not added. Apart from that, I learned that some pokemons that are loved by fans are also not in the game. Still, I did not find the chosen pokemon bad. There are pokemons that everyone knows and loves.

What is the Next Picture Taken? – New Pokemon Snap review

We said that there are different islands in the game and we can travel in different time zones on each of them. It is also possible to see different pokemons in a part of the island that we have not seen before, by changing the route to secret roads from time to time. We see Pokemon, we try to take quality photos, and finally Professor Mirror evaluates one photo per Pokemon and gives us points. From time to time, we can also get extra missions such as “take a stretched pokemon photo” “take a dancing Pikachu”.

New Pokemon Snap review

The game is not very difficult, all you do is sit in the car, take photos and reach high star levels. It is also enjoyable to open the album and see them after taking beautiful photos. But that’s the whole thing. If you expect anything other than the game, you will be disappointed. “Photo Mode”, which is available as additional content in other games, constitutes the entire New Pokemon Snap. You are photographing in a version with improved graphics and better animations of any pokemon game.

It is possible to complete the story mode of the game in 10 hours, depending on the quality of the photos you take. As I mentioned above, sometimes it is necessary to grind. Even though the scoring system explains some things, there are some shortcomings in how we reach higher star levels. When one of the two photos I took in a row got 1 star and the other 3 stars, I tried hard to find the difference, but in vain. Also, you can only consider one photo of each pokemon, which is very annoying. A move made to increase the time to fill Photodex.

You have to grind in order to increase the game time, you re-tour the areas you have passed before to increase your level on a map, and after a while this is “What am I doing?” starting to scratch your mind in the form. It can be a nice event for Pokemon fans, it gets boring after a while for someone like me who likes the series but isn’t a fan. I wish there was a game where we can move as we want on the determined route. Then I am sure that I will have less trouble going to the same places. (Of course, the type was different this time, but here it is)

New Pokemon Snap review

The graphics are not bad, it does not seem to fully use the graphics capacity Switch can offer, but it does not bother. It looks good both in hand and on the dock. Pokemon are modeled in great detail and the animations they have are beautiful. It is very nice to see the effect of day-night change on maps and pokemons. Sometimes, in the photos you take, low quality coatings are noticeable due to the high quality pokemon model on the front, but there is nothing disturbing the eye.

There is one more subject that I do not want to pass without mentioning. How many years have passed, a lot of games have been released, the players poured the world’s money on all of them, but still the full voiceover has not been added to the game! If all the pokemons shout during the photo shoot, I accept that our heads will swell, but at least if you voiced the dialogues in the story. The characters speak loudly in the cutscenes, but most of the remaining dialogues are written.

New Pokemon Snap review – Conclusion

New Pokemon Snap is a successful game with a lot of innovations added to Pokemon Snap, which was released for Nintendo 64 in 1999, and updated in terms of graphics and content. It can be very good to rest a little mind, to calm down and to photograph the cute state of pokemon in their natural environment. Even if the situations where I had to play the same episodes over and over to move forward in the story bothered me, it could have been a game I could recommend to anyone. But there is a small problem. New Pokemon Snap is developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios and published by Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo Switch console. The selling price of the game is $ 59.99. determined as. Would we like to give $ 60 to a rail shooter style game where we only take pokemon photos and can consume all its content in a maximum of 20 hours? Let’s have a look.

New Pokemon Snap review

Someone who loves the Pokemon series, has bought and played all possible Pokemon games, and has paid incredible sums for Pokemon cards, has already caught the New Pokemon Snap in the air. You can photograph Pokemon and share them with other users on the internet and compare them with their photos. So we also have an online mode. If you are a really serious Pokemon fan, you might want to consider paying $ 60 for this game.

He got to know the series with the cartoon, which was broadcast on television like me. New Pokemon Snap is a fun game at best for players who have been included in the games with Pokemon Red and have played all the games in the main series but are not big fans of the series. The price he wants according to the content he offers is very high for a player like me. Moreover, a part of the game time is a game that requires grind and unnecessary extension tactics. So it is very difficult for me to recommend this game for the full price to a regular player. At this price, I can choose games that I can enjoy much more.

New Pokemon Snap is definitely a nice game. The content it offers is good, it is an enjoyable game that has added many innovations on the original released in 1999 and has replayability. Even if you are not a big pokemon fan, you can have a good time with the game that appeals to all ages. But with the $ 60 price tag, I can only recommend it to real Pokemon fans.

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