New incredible details from Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series

New information from the Lord of the Rings series continues to come. Although this information comes from a spy report, the accuracy is quite high.

Amazon’a From the Lord of the Rings series New details keep coming. He shared on, a Lord of the Rings fan page. spy report He gave very interesting details from the series. The series, which has been shooting for 18 months, is filmed in New Zealand, the homeland of The Lord of the Rings. Although many details were kept secret and leaks were prevented during the shooting process of the series, there are plenty of new details in the spy report released today.

New details leaked from Lord of the Rings TV series

In the spy report, it is stated that the Tolkien Foundation is also involved in the process and they are very happy with the progress of the work. The Tolkien Foundation’s place in the project is important in preserving the story of Middle-earth and keeping its universe in order. In addition, thanks to the good general course of the series, new story rights were provided to the series. Some of the details are as follows:

  • According to verified information, we have a very good chance of seeing elements from the Silmarillion for the first time. It is said that Amazon has full rights to the stories in the NĂºmenor and the Rings of Power chapter of the book and can use it in the series.
  • Amazon has the marketing rights.
  • Three Lord of the Rings lore experts were on set during some filming.
  • It is stated that the Tolkien Foundation is quite happy with the progress of the works.

New incredible details from Amazon's Lord of the Rings series

Also, according to other information given, some halflings will be dark skinned and represent one of three different Hobbit races. It is claimed that the famous British actor Lenny Henry, who is one of the cast members of the Lord of the Rings series, played one of these halflings. It is said that Tom Budge, who left the series in the past months, is playing the role of ring crafter Celebrimbor, and the character has been rearranged. It is stated in the series that the names of some familiar creatures, such as Cave Trolls, have been changed, as in the example of Ice Trolls, due to Warner Bros license restrictions. Let’s hope the Warg name isn’t licensed by Warner Bros. In the article, contrary to fears, it is said that the series will contain infrequent nudity and sexuality, and it gives us some relief.

Although it sounds strange, it is stated that Elves will have shorter hair and less hair. Sauron/Annatar will not appear in the show’s first season. While the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be about the Third Age, Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series will be about the Second Age. The series, which will take place thousands of years before the legendary trilogy, will be the subject of the times when the rings of power were forged.

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