Netflix signs Sony for Spider-Man and other movies

If we look at the news, Netflix has made an agreement with the company for Sony movies, especially the Spider-Man series.

Netflix Spider-Man He seems to have agreed with the company about the broadcasting rights of Sony films, especially the films. There will be those to remember Many Marvel movies were in the Netflix library before Disney opened its own service, Disney Plus. During this period, Disney, which has also signed many series projects, especially Netflix and Daredevil, canceled these series after the opening of its own service and started to shift the movies to its own service. If we look at the news, one of the biggest trump cards has been lost to Netflix.

Netflix to stream Spider-Man movies

Netflix signs Sony for Spider-Man and other movies

Spider Man As you know, the rights to their movies have been in the hands of Sony for over 20 years. Although the company has agreed with Disney to include the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it continues to keep the final decision regarding these films. According to Variety’s report, Sony has agreed with Netflix to broadcast movies, including the Spider-Man series. According to the agreement, Sony movies such as Spider-Man and Uncharted are only available on Netflix platform after they are released in theaters. will show up.

According to this agreement, many Sony-signed movies, especially the new Spider-Man movie Spider-Man: No Way Home, will take place on the Netflix platform. In addition, the New York Times website stated that Netflix will pay Sony a billion dollars for four years for this deal. It is also among the information that Sony will continue such deals in the long term since it does not have its own streaming platform such as Netflix, Disney Plus or HBO Max. So when the agreement with Netflix ends, we will probably encounter situations such as renewal of the agreement or an agreement with another streaming platform.

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