Mysterious messages started to be sent for the Battlefield 6 announcement

Preparing for the Battlefield 6 announcement, EA Games and DICE started sending messages with interesting notes to some players.

Battlefield 6 EA Games and DICE team seem to have started their PR work days before the announcement. EA Games, which did not make any statement about the successive leaks, recently announced that the game will be announced on June 9 and only released a teaser with the logo. Of course, it was noteworthy that the phrase 6 was not included in this teaser video, that is, the logo remained directly as a battlefield. As of the past hours, the company has started a different promotional activity.

Battlefield 6 to be announced on June 9

A mysterious message was sent to some famous editors and publishers on the Battlefield official Twitter account. Names such as BFBulletin and Jack Frags sent the message sent to them from their Battlefield account. they started to share.

When we look at the message, we see interesting notes, apart from the date without a year and some titles. Some parts were left corrupted and not wanted to be read. In the parts that can be read, “Some of you want to go home. I must tell you the truth. Are we willing to accept our fate? If you can fire a gun… we need you. War is the only way home.”

Mysterious messages started to be sent for the Battlefield 6 announcement

As you may remember, Battlefield 6 leaks first started with screenshots, and then some short videos appeared. According to the first information from Battlefield 6, the game is expected to take place in the 2030s. It is thought that we will encounter advanced vehicles and different technologies and weapons, although they are close to today. It was previously announced that Battlefield 6, which is stated to be quite ambitious about destruction, will be a transition game. In other words, the game will not miss the previous generation consoles as well as platforms such as PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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