MSI 2021 group stage completed

The MSI 2021 group stage, which started on Thursday, May 6 and was held in Reykjavik, Iceland, has ended.

The group stages ended at MSI 2021, in which the fastpay WildCats team from our country also participated. Our representative, who passed away from the tournament in the group stages, nevertheless managed to defeat the MAD Lions team, who survived other matches without any loss and the Turkish player Armut fought. The official statement and details of Riot Games regarding the group stages are as follows;

MSI 2021 group stage completed

Teams were divided into three different groups in MSI 2021, where 11 teams, which were champions in their regions, competed. The top two teams in each group qualified for promotion to the Challenge Stage.

Our representative in Group B could not leave the fastPay Wildcats Group Stage and said goodbye to the tournament. MAD Lions, against which Turkish player Armut fought, took its only defeat against our representative fastPay Wildcats and got its name in the next round with 5 wins. PSG Talon, with four wins, also qualified for the next stage. In Group A, the Chinese representative, Royal Never Give Up, closed the Group Stage without loss, making its name in the last six. Oceania representative Pentanet.GG also made a big surprise and qualified to fight in the Struggle Phase.

MSI 2021 group stage completed

The winners of Group C were the Korean representative DWG KIA and the North American team Cloud9.

Challenge Phase is on May 14 – 18!

Following the completion of the Group Stage, the details for the Challenge Stage have also been revealed. Teams to take part in the Battle Stage; Cloud9, DWG Kia, Mad Lions,, PSG Talon, and Royal Never Give Up teams. During the Struggle Stage, the matches will be played between 14 – 18 May. In the matches where each team will play two matches with each other, the teams will play 10 matches in total.

After 30 matches to be played, the Challenge Phase will be completed and the top 4 teams will advance to the semi-finals. will be entitled. The semi-finals will take place on May 21st and 22nd. The tournament will end with the final game to be played on Sunday, May 23rd.

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