Mortal Kombat movie release date postponed

The Mortal Kombat movie release date has been postponed from April 16 to April 23 with a new announcement. HBO Max is coming to theaters a week late.

The vision date of the Mortal Kombat movie, which managed to raise expectations and excite fans with the second trailer released recently, has been postponed.

Created by Ed Boon and John Tobias, the first trailer of the new movie adapted from the games of Mortal Kombat, which first comes to mind when you think of “fighting game”, was released last month.

Mortal Kombat movie release date postponed for a week

A few days ago, the second trailer was released and the Mortal Kombat movie was going to be on HBO Max on April 16 at the same time as the vision date theaters. IGN’den According to the information received, HBO Max announced its date change to them with a press release.

According to the broadcast strategy of WarnerMedia, which is one of the largest media companies in the world, which includes channels such as CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, Mortal Kombat will be released simultaneously on both HBO Max and in theaters.

Simon McQuoid: “I don’t like the green screen”

As we mentioned in our previous article about the movie, Mortal Kombat will be directed by the famous Australian film producer Simon McQuoid. Another striking point is that Simon McQuoid will shoot his first feature film with Mortal Kombat. He is a highly experienced advertising director. He previously directed “live-action” commercials for PlayStation. Simon McQuoid emphasizes “I don’t like the green screen” in a group interview. This shows us that he will progress as cinematically as possible before the Mortal Kombat movie release date. Emphasizing that he is very fortunate to bring these world-popular characters to life, McQuid feels very lucky to have the opportunity to transform this value into a movie.

Mortal Kombat movie release date postponed

Simon McQuoid highlights the importance of respecting the DNA of the series. He mentions that the iconic characters will be faithful to the way they appear in the game series and their characteristic features will be reflected almost everywhere. This means that the series continues with martial arts and wars are not only bloody for the sake of “blood”. However, do not be fooled by this; The film aims to push the boundaries of brutality and violence no matter what. The commitment to originality and essence led Mortal Kombat to create an inclusive, mostly Asian roster to embody its iconic roster. So much so that Liu Kang is Ludi Lin; Tadanobu Asano gives life to Raiden, and Chin Han gives life to Shang Tsung.

The release date of Mortal Kombat movie has been postponed to April 23.

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