Money, talent and more

Sims 4 cheats come to your rescue in money, talent, construction, and any difficulties you can think of. So how are these cheats done? Let’s see.

Even though using cheating in games can become a joy after some point, everyone needs a little help once they know the dose, right? Here with you today The Sims 4 cheats how is it done? We will find the answer to your question. Thanks to these tricks in the game, you will be able to get out of the bottleneck you get into when you have difficulties in matters such as resources, money, construction, relations. Of course, our humble recommendation will be that you do not miss your dose while doing this. Otherwise, it may affect your gaming experience badly.


About The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is a life simulation that was first released in 2014. It is the fourth game of the series where you create your own “digital people” called Sim and direct the lives of these people. Electronic Arts also publishes the production, which is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. This series, which has attracted a lot of attention especially thanks to its unique structure, is also the last game for now. Supported by many additional packages after its release, it has a structure that makes players feel fun and spacious even today. Sure, some players like to try different things, right? This is where the Sims 4 cheats will come to your aid.

Sims 4 Cheats: Money, skill and more

How to cheats for Sims 4?

To use the Sims 4 cheats, you must first enable the game’s cheat console. You can do this with a very simple key combination. Located on your keyboard.CTRL + Shift + CIf you press the “keys simultaneously, you will see a text box appear at the top left of your screen. This is a space reserved for you to enter cheat codes. Also this key combination is” Command + SHIFT ‘C “for MAC and” L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for PS4. “and” LB + LT + RB + RT “for Xbox One.

After activating the cheat console, you can enter various tricks available. But above all to the console “testingcheats trueDo not forget to type the command. Then all console commands will work correctly. You can find the cheat you are looking for in the appropriate category from our lists below.

All the cheats you can use in the Sims 4 game

Cheats for making money – Sims 4 cheats (#parachids)

  • kaching: 1.000 Simoleons verir
  • rosebud: 1.000 Simoleons verir
  • motherlode: 50.000 Simoleons verir
  • FreeRealEstate [on/off]: With the on or off values ​​you will enter, you can make all lots for free or turn off the cheat.
  • money [sayı]: Your money value will be as much as the number you enter next to the code.

Building and unlocking hidden objects – Sims 4 cheats (#machine cheats)

  • modebb.moveobjects: It stops using the grid layout method for objects, so you can place the object you want wherever you want.
  • bb.showhiddenobjects: Hidden objects are now available for purchase.
  • bb.enablefreebuild: Allows you to build anywhere, including locked areas.
  • bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement: Unlocks all structures unlocked after completing the missions.
  • You need to press the keys “Shift + 8” or “Shift + 9” by clicking on the object to enlarge and shrink the objects by clicking with Shift. It shrinks with “8” and enlarges it with “9”.

Tricks you can do for relationship situations (#iliskihileleri)

As you know, your characters can make friends, enemies and lovers in the game. These can also develop naturally, but if you wish, you can take a hand. For this, you need to type the following command and customize it for yourself. After you write down the names and surnames of your Sims, you will need to write down how many you want to increase the relationship and the type of relationship. It will look more descriptive in our example below:

modifyrelationship sim1isim sim1soyisim sim2isim sim2soyisim 100 [ilişki türü]

For example:

  • modifyrelationship Alparslan Gürlek Merlin’s Cauldron 100 LTR_Friendship_Main

In the example above, we have made the friendship level of Alparslan Gürlek and Merlin’s Kazan people 100. Here’s the full list of other relationship types:

  • LTR_Romance_Main – Romantizm
  • LTR_Friendship_Main – Dostluk
  • LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_Main – Friendship with pets
  • relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others – Introduces your character to all Sim around
  • relationship.create_friends_for_sim – Creates a new and friendly Sim next to your character

Sims 4 Cheats: Money, skill and more

Increasing Abilities – Sims 4 Cheats (#pets)

You may not need to spend long hours to maximize your character’s abilities. Thanks to the cheats below, you can easily maximize your character in many abilities. Here’s the code you need to write to do this:

  • stats.set_skill_level AbilityName 10

When you write one of the skills in the list below in the skill name section, that skill level will increase to 10.

  • Major_Fishing – Fishing
  • Major_Mischief – Mischief
  • Major_Guitar – Gitar
  • Major_Bartending – Barmenlik
  • Major_Programming – Programming
  • Major_Gardening – Gardening
  • Major_GourmetCooking – Gurmelik
  • Major_Comedy – Komedi
  • Major_Charisma – Karizma
  • Major_Writing – Authorship
  • Major_VideoGaming – Video Oyunculuğu
  • Major_Violin – Keman
  • Major_RocketScience – Roket Bilimi
  • Major_Painting – Painting
  • Major_Piano – Piyano
  • Major_Logic – Logic
  • Major_Handiness – Beceriklilik
  • Major_HomeStyleCooking – Cooking Homemade
  • Major_Fitness – Dinçlik

Cheats to increase abilities that come with DLCs

The cheat codes that allow you to increase the skills for the professions and abilities added with the expansion packs released for the game are as follows, specific to the additional packages. You have to use it with the code “stats.set_skill_level” in the same way as other skill cheats.

  • Major_Acting – Aktörlük (Get Famous DLC)
  • Minor_Media – Media Producer (Get Famous DLC)
  • Major_Archeology – Arkeoloji (Jungle Adventure DLC)
  • Minor_LocalCulture – El Salvador Culture (Jungle Adventure DLC)
  • Major_Baking – Bakery (Get to Work DLC)
  • Retail_Workethic – Perakende İş Ahlakı (Get to Work DLC)
  • Retail_Maintenance – Perakende Bakımı (Get to Work DLC)
  • Retail_Sales – Retail sales (Get to Work DLC)
  • Major_Dancing – Dansçılık (Get Together DLC)
  • Major_DJ – DJ’lik Yeteneği (Get Together DLC)
  • Major_FlowerArranging – Flower Arrangement (Seasons DLC)
  • Hidden_Skating – Kaykay (Seasons DLC)
  • Major_Herbalism – Medicinal Plants (Outdoor Retreat DLC)
  • Major_Parenting – Ebeveynlik (Parenthood DLC)
  • Skill_Dog – Pet Skills (Cats & Dogs DLC)
  • Major_Vet – Veterinerlik (Cats & Dogs DLC)
  • Major_PipeOrgan – Pipe Organ Instrument (Vampires DLC)
  • VampireLore – Vampire Hikayesi (Vampires DLC)
  • Skill_Hidden_TreadMill – Rock Climbing (Fitness Stuff DLC)
  • Major_Singing – Singing (City Living DLC)
  • Major_Wellness – Wellness (Spa Day DLC)

Improving kids’ abilities – Sims 4 cheats (#kids)

For children of Sims, you can also cheat on abilities. Sims 4 cheats for kids are written as “stats.set_skill_level AbilityName 10”, just like your own skills. The codes for the skill names are as follows:

  • Skill_Child_Social – Sosyallik
  • Skill_Child_Creativity – Yaratıcılık
  • Skill_Child_Mental – Mental Ability
  • Skill_Child_Motor – Motor Skills

Abilities for toddlers:

  • Skill_Toddler_Communication – İletişim
  • Skill_Toddler_Imagination – Imagination
  • Skill_Toddler_Movement – Hareket
  • Skill_Toddler_Potty – Potty (also known as baby toilets)
  • Skill_Toddler_Thinking – Thinking Skill

Sims 4 Cheats: Money, skill and more

Cheats about Sims’ professions (#careers)

In the game, you can assign professions to your characters with the help of cheat codes and ensure that they are promoted in specific professions. First, let’s show you with which codes you can do this and then the cheat codes of the professions.

  • careers.promote [meslek kodu] – With this code, you can promote your character in a profession. (Ex: carreers.promote actor)
  • careers.add_career [meslek ismi] – You can use it to assign a profession to your career. (Ex: careers.add_career painter)
  • careers.remove_career [meslek ismi] – Your character stops doing the job. (Ex: careers.remove_career astronaut)

Below are the job names you can use for this cheat. [Hile kodu: Meslek ismi] It is written as:

  • Activist – Politician
  • Acting – Actor
  • Astonaut – Astronot
  • Athletic – Atlet
  • Business – Businessman
  • Criminal – Criminal
  • Careers_Adult_Critic – Eleştirmen
  • Culinary – Cooking Related
  • Detective – Detective
  • Doctor – Doctor
  • Entertainer – Entertainer
  • Painter – Ressam
  • Scientist – Scientist
  • SecretAgent – Secret Agent
  • SocialMedia – Social Media
  • Influencer – Stil Influencer’ı
  • TechGuru –Teknoloji Gurusu
  • Writer – Yazar

This was the Sims 4 cheats that you can type into the cheat console, which you will open by pressing Shift + CTRL + C. If you found this article helpful, be sure to mention it in the comments and follow Merlin’s Cauldron for more of this type of content. Yours!

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