Microsoft asks for help to produce refrigerators in the form of Xbox Series X

In order to win the prize in the contest organized by Twitter, Xbox plays all the trumps in its hand. Internet deer can come true!

For the first time, Twitter wants to reward a company with the title of “being the brand with the best tweets”. To put it simply, they want to give a brand an award on Twitter. Skittles and Xbox are in great competition on this issue. Xbox owner Aaron Greenberg it made the situation a little more sweet for the fans who would vote for Microsoft. If the company wins the award, it will put the Xbox Series X mini fridges into production.

Would you like to have a refrigerator shaped like an Xbox Series X?

The console’s design was likened to a refrigerator when it was first announced and soon became very popular on the internet. Now things are getting serious and if Microsoft wins the award it’s out Mini fridges in the form of the Xbox Series X we will be able to see. As of now, the Xbox brand is gaining 50.9 percent. But Skittles isn’t an easy competitor either. You can find the tweet shared by Aaron Greenberg, embedded below.

For now it seems like an internet deer will become a reality. The design of the console, which was announced for the first time at The Game Awards 2019, was likened to a refrigerator and became a humor material. Now Microsoft adopts this design, and if it wins the competition, it will start producing mini fridges exactly the same as the console’s design. A video of Snoop Dogg with a full-size Series X refrigerator had previously appeared, but the company did not offer them for sale. It is not known whether Microsoft’s effort will be successful, but so far it has received very positive feedback from fans. Xbox seems to have taken this very seriously, too. Some companies, such as Electronic Arts, also commented on the tweet in question and support Xbox.

Microsoft asks for help to produce refrigerators in the form of Xbox Series X

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Would you like to buy a mini fridge with the Xbox Series X design? To vote for the Twitter contest to the link here You can go to the relevant post by clicking.

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