Meyers Leonard was kicked out of the Miami Heat team for racism

Meyers Leonard was expelled from both the FaZe clan and the Miami Heat team after the racist word he used during his Warzone broadcast.

An NBA player from the FaZe clan yesterday Meyers Leonard, Warzone published racist rhetoric. Having received great reactions from the community, Leonard published an apology immediately after. It seems that things are not going well for him now. Miami Heat published an announcement that “Meyers Leonard”that you will stay away from the team forever” told.

Meyers Leonard was kicked out of the Miami Heat team after Warzone broadcast

A recent twitch on Twitch In Call of Duty: Warzone broadcast he said racist things. In particular, his emphasis on a word that humiliated the Jewish community resulted in a great reaction. Later Leonard, via Twitter apology note he tried to make up for the situation by broadcasting. However, as we mentioned in the news we made yesterday, this is the first racism that neither he nor the FaZe clan have done. We’ll come to the FaZe clan later, but Meyers’ apology is greater than his fault. Hence, his team would have thought the same, that Meyers Leonard was kicked out of the Miami Heat “forever”.

Meyers Leonard was kicked out of the Miami Heat team for racism

Miami Heat team via the NBA official website in his statement He gave the following statements:

Miami HEATstrongly condemns the use of any kind of hate speech. The words Meyers Leonard used were wrong and we will not tolerate the hateful language of anyone associated with our franchise. Hearing this from a Miami HEAT player is particularly disappointing and hurtful to those who work here, as well as the larger South Florida, Miami HEAT, and NBA communities. Meyers Leonard will be away from the team forever. Miami HEAT will collaborate with the NBA in conducting its research. “

Meyers, who was fired from the team after their racist attitude, seems to have to make a different career plan now. As you mentioned in the comments yesterday, maybe he can consider advancing his career as a publisher. Of course, there is bad news on this subject too. They say that the downside is not a friend, just like that. After being kicked out of the Miami Heat, with Leonard phases The clan has also made the gap. This means that the FaZe clan cannot take advantage of its power. Things got messed up for Meyers Leonard. But we hope this taught him not to be racist. What do you guys think? You can share your opinion in the comments.

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