Mario Golf: Super Rush video released

Mario, who we know with his sportive identity as well as platform games, is getting ready to face the players with his new game Mario Golf: Super Rush.

Mario Golf: Super Rush A new promotional video has been released for. As you know, Nintendo continues to shine with its sporty aspect as well as platform games. Talking about tennis, kart racing and football, one of the sports that Mario has mastered was Golf. Nintendo’s new statements about Mario Golf: Super Rush and the new video of the game are as follows;

Mario Golf: Super Rush video released

Mario Golf: With Super Rush, the Mario Golf series returns with the fastest version ever. Players can join various Mushroom Kingdom characters in different multiplayer modes or alone when the game launches on Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021. they can join. The new trailer introduces the colorful cast, a new mode and different tracks.

Mario Golf: Super Rush highlights

Various game styles:

  • Simple controls: Simple key controls make it easy for both novice gamers and experienced professionals. It’s that simple to aim, choose the power to shoot and fly the ball. Additionally, it is possible to use motion controls by holding the Joy-Con controller like a golf club *
  • Useful tools: A curved hit is an effective technique for avoiding dangers, and spinning the ball affects the way it rolls after landing. A variety of features are available to help conquer the course, including a shot gauge that adapts to the angle of the slope and a sweep that makes it easier to read the terrain.
  • Playing with familiar faces and family and friends: Players can choose from a roster of 16 Mushroom Kingdom characters, each with different powers and their own unique special moves. Pauline, Chargin ‘Chuck and King Bob-omb will feature in the series for the first time. Players can take the turf with up to three players in different modes, both local and online **.
  • Various courses: From standard courses to courses with special dangers, each round of golf is different. There are six luxurious places to choose from.

Mario Golf: Super Rush video released

Various modes:

  • Speed ​​Golf: In the new fast-paced Speed ​​Golf mode, players golf together and compete on the course to sink the ball first. It is important to collect items while running towards the ball to regain stamina and avoid the various dangers of the course. Players can also use special lines and shots to tip the victory in their favor.
  • Battle Golf: In Battle Golf, which is a more crazy variant of Speed ​​Golf, nine holes are in the game at the same time. The first player to score three holes demands victory, so it’s important to stand in front of opponents or risk losing.
  • Standard Golf: In Standard Golf, every hit counts and the lowest score wins.
  • Golf Adventure: Solo players can switch from rookie to pro as they enroll Mii characters for a prestigious golf club in Golf Adventure. While interacting with familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters, they can learn how to play and overcome various challenges. Gaining experience makes it possible to level up the character, which can then be used in multiplayer modes.

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