League of Legends’ new champion Gwen introduced

The new champion of the popular MOBA game League of Legends, developed and published by Riot Games, Gwen has been introduced.

Riot Games developed and published by popular MOBA game League of Legendsnew champion of Gwen to the valley indi. Not afraid to get close to his enemies, Gwen’s giant scissor weapon allows you to deal extra damage based on a certain percentage of your health. Enemies at the center of each scissor hit with Q take bonus magic damage from your passive. Perhaps one of the champion’s most important abilities, Blessed Mist gives you extra armor and magic resist. Moreover, opponents outside of the fog cannot target you. Again, we are facing a champion who thwarts abilities.

League of Legends' new champion Gwen introduced

League of Legends’ new champion Gwen introduced

Passive – A Thousand Cuts: Gwen’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage on hit based on his health percentage. Basic attacks against champions heal him for a portion of the damage dealt.

Q – Tack it!: Gwen uses her scissors two to six times to deal magic damage to a cone area. Gwen uses her scissors at least twice and deals one more scissor hit per normal attack hit the opponent (up to four more hits for a total of six hits). Enemies at the center of each scissor strike take true damage as well as bonus magic damage from Thousand Slashes.

W – Blessed Fog: Gwen surrounds herself with the Blessed Mist for five seconds, and while inside her, gains armor and magic resist. Enemies outside the fog cannot target Gwen and cannot hit her abilities. Sis follows Gwen when he tries to leave the area for the first time but disappears for the next time.

E – Pens At: Gwen dashes over a short distance, amplifying her attacks for four seconds, gaining range, speed, and magic damage on hit. Attacking an opponent during this time will refund 50% of the ability’s cooldown.

R – Loop Loop: Gwen can use Loop Loop up to three times, but must hit an opponent within 8 seconds to unlock each consecutive cast. Each cast fires needles that move along a line, dealing magic damage, slowing enemies, and dealing bonus magic damage of Gwen’s Thousand Slashes. The first use throws a needle, the second use three needles, and the last use five needles. Nine needles hitting opponents each apply the effect of Thousand Cuts once (i.e. nine times in total).

Finally Happy Tailor Gwen You can take a look at the champion promotional video published for

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