League of Legends MSI 2021 groups announced

The draws for the rapidly approaching League of Legends MSI 2021 (Mid-Season Tournament) starter groups have been completed.

Taking place from 6 to 23 May this year in Reykjavik, Iceland MSI 2021 groups it became clear. In the statement, it was stated that the MSI champion’s league this year could send an additional team to the World Championship.

MSI 2021 Groups Announced

The first matches in the Mid-Season Tournament, where the best teams of each region will participate, were determined by drawing lots before the regions’ playoff stage results were announced. All twelve regions were divided into four stages:

1 – China (LPL), Europe (LEC), Korea (LCK)

2 – North America (LCS), Vietnam (VCS), Southeast Asia (PCS)

3 – Turkey (CL), the Commonwealth of Independent States (LCL), Latin America (LLA)

4 – Japan (LJL), Brazil (CBLOL), Oceania (LCO)

League of Legends MSI 2021 groups announced

The stages are based on the teams’ performances in international tournaments (such as the 2020 World Championship) that have taken place in the last two years. Global Operations Director Tom Martell held a draw using software that randomly places teams into competitive groups.

Group A Teams: LPL, VCS, LCL, LCO

Group B Teams: LEC, PCS, ŞL, CBLOL

Group C Teams: LCK, LCS, LLA, LJL

The teams from each region that qualify for the tournament will be selected according to the playoff schedules of the respective regions during the regular season. After the final teams have been determined, the teams will meet in Reykjavik, Iceland for the first day of the matches on May 6, 2021. League of Legends MSI champion’s league will have a chance to send an additional team to the World Championship

In the statement made by Riot Games regarding the award update, it was stated that the league of the MSI champion will send an additional team to the World Championship this year. After the MSI is completed, the final global power rankings of 2021 will be calculated and if the top-ranked league has not succeeded in winning the MSI, it will be able to remove another team. Otherwise, this quota will go to the second league in the power rankings. will be presented.

MSI 2021 to Begin Thursday, May 6

The highly anticipated MSI 2021 will begin on Thursday, May 6th and end on Sunday, May 23rd. Riot Games stated that more information will be released towards the end of April, including the teams that qualify for the tournament and its broadcast schedule.

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