Lawsuits against content stealing and promoters

A lawsuit is filed against all broadcast and bot tools that use the content produced by our site without permission, due to content theft.

Merlin’s Cauldron has been serving you gamers for more than 20 years. In this process, we are doing all kinds of work we can to bring you the developments in the field of games, technology and cinema very quickly. However, we regret to see that the content of our site is taken by bots by malicious individuals and institutions without even permission. We do not approve of this behavior, which we can call content theft, and we start our fight with those who are on this path.

Don’t steal content, stop what you do

For this reason, we have started working to sue the owners of the site and bot software that are determined to use unauthorized content from our site, reserving our right to legal sanctions and compensation. We have taken legal images of all the site and 3rd generation software detected so far and we have started working for all kinds of sanctions. Even if the source of the content is shown on the sites that receive the content, it is stated that all or a part of the content produced by us cannot be used in any way, as it is written under our site, “Even if the source is shown, no content can be used without prior special permission”.

In order to serve you gamers better, we are determined to go to the very end with this decision we made in order to ensure the continuation of our site, which we continue without expecting anything from you. Announced to all game lovers.

You, too, send the links of content theft sites to letter2. [at] You can let us know by sending an e-mail to

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