Last of Us Remake PS5 project came out, but the backend is complicated

It is claimed that Sony disbanded the small team set up for the Last of Us Remake PS5 project and wanted to get Naughty Dog to do the project, working on new games.

Last of us Remake PS5 We can say that the news that is being developed for is on the agenda like a bomb. Although the news is pleasing at first glance, when we get into the details, it is claimed that some of the decisions Sony has taken caused confusion on the producer side.

According to reports, Sony disbanded a small team created for Last of us Remake and decided to re-deliver this project to star studio Naughty Dog, which is already working on new games.

Last of us Remake is under construction for PS5

Jason Schreier, who recently came to the fore in our country with his book Blood, Sweat and Pixels, has made a new report and we can say that he has revealed this chaos in Sony studios. On the Bloomberg site a long article Posted by Jason Schreier, Last of Us Remake PS5 claimed that his project was under construction for a long time.

Last of Us Remake PS5 project came out, but the backend is complicated

It was stated that a small team was formed for this project in 2018 under the roof of Playstation Studios and this team aims to join the big studios. However, it is stated that Sony disbanded this team due to the main studio obsession.

Disbanding the team in the later stages of development, Sony handed the project back to one of the star studios, Naughty Dog. So the studio has been distributed, but the Last of Us Remake PS5 project is said to be still under construction. It is also said that this situation has compressed the business of the Naughty Dog company, which has already turned out to be working on a new medieval-themed brand.

Jason Schreier claimed in his article that Sony is risk-averse and only prioritizes its big studios. It has also been reported that Sony’s huge studio obsession has caused a lot of surge and confusion in other studios and across the firm.

For example, a new decision was made for the Bend studio, which was once one of Sony’s favorites and recently appeared with Days Gone. One of the biggest groves of Bend Studio, which was commissioned to support Naught Dog last year and was planned to help with the projects, was the dissolution of the team and the replacement of the existing studio to Naughty Dog North.

Last of Us Remake PS5 project came out, but the backend is complicated

In fact, since 2018, there have been frequent rumors that Sony had formed a secret team in San Diego and that this team was developing a new Uncharted game. It is claimed that this studio is actually working on the Last of Us Remake PS5 project, not Uncharted. Moreover, it is said that this team had difficulty in finding the expected support from the very beginning. On the other hand, Bend Studios, which was commissioned to support Noughty Dog, is said to be working on the new Uncharted game.

As a result, Last of Us Remake is being developed for PS5. This is a very pleasing situation, as we mentioned at the beginning. But time will show how Sony’s alleged attitude will have its own studios. To this article by Jason Schreier in Bloomberg by clicking here you can reach.

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