Lady Dimitrescu comes to Fallout 4 game with this mod

Lady Dimitrescu, the charming and evil vampire of the mysterious village of 2.90, comes to the game Fallout 4 as a mod. Details are in our news.

Lady Dimitrescu, the popular character of the Resident Evil series, continues to stay on the agenda. Lady Dimitrescu, a 2.90 vampire, comes to Fallout 4 with a mod developed by mod designer Vtaw.

Lady Dimitrescu greets the game of Fallout 4

Created by mod designer Vtaw, this mod brings an outfit based on Lady Dimitrescu from the Resident Evil Village game. The main file of this mod comes with a pre-made model that looks as similar to Lady Dimitrescu as possible. “Fallout 4 uses physics. Don’t expect Skyrim to be like HDT-SMP physics,” adds mod designer Vtaw. You can make the item to suit under Vtaw Lady in Chem Station or in the link You can use IN-GAME ESP Explore.

Lady Dimitrescu comes to Fallout 4 game

When it comes to Fallout 4, we can talk about many mods. A mod was created for Silent Hill called Whispering Hills. The mod, which includes redesigned sections with Fallout 4 graphics, attracted a lot of attention. In addition, there is another mod that redesigns all the terrain textures of the game, larger than + 3GB.

Lady Dimitrescu Fallout 4 fashion from the link You can download it. Although it is a simple mode for now, we think it will be liked by the fans of the game. If you wish, the mod designer Discord You can also join the channel. Do not forget to state your views in the comments section.

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