Knockout City surpassed the 5 million player threshold

Knockout City, which was released last month and attracted attention with its dodgeball dynamic, has been downloaded by more than 5 million players.

New news from the Knockout City game continues to come. The game, which was also announced to be free to EA Play and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers at the time it was announced, seems to be starting to create its own audience, even if its nose is bent at first. It has been officially announced that Knockout City, which was announced to have been downloaded by 2 million players just a few weeks ago, has surpassed the 5 million player threshold.

Knockout City player count continues to rise

Knockout City was developed by the Velan Studios team, who recently appeared with the Mario Kart Live game. It is also among the statements made that the game developed for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch has reached this number of players on all platforms. In the official statement, “We have seen more than 5 million players join us since the day it came out. There have been surprising and unexpected matches, hundreds of thousands of teams have been formed, more than half a billion KOs have been made, millions of hours have been watched and thousands of friendships have been formed in the process.” to their statements place was given.

Knockout City surpassed the 5 million player threshold

Along with this statement, the production team actually reproached one another. Because, as we said when the dodgeball game was announced, many game lovers saw it as a very unnecessary game. It seems that the company did not forget these criticisms, because at the end of the statement, “Who knew you could bond by hitting each other with a dodgeball?” expressions added.

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