Kiyan Prince, killed at the age of 15, added to FIFA 21

Kiyan Prince, who played for the Queens Park Rangers FC youth team and was killed with a knife at the age of 15, is back in FIFA 21 at the age of 30.

Kiyan Prince, who played for the Queens Park Rangers FC youth team and was stabbed to death while trying to break up a school fight in 2006, was added to the FIFA 21 squad on the anniversary of his death. Unfortunately, the memory of the football player who passed away at a very young age will now be kept alive by the players in FIFA 21. His father, Dr. Mark Prince, on the other hand, founded a foundation to prevent children from being prone to knife crime and continues to work.

Young footballer Kiyan Prince added to FIFA 21

Kiyan Prince will be listed in FIFA 21 as a QPR team member in the 2021-22 season, and will also feature a special edition card for him. Kiyan Prince, whose appearance was created at the age of 30 using Deep Fake technology, will take part in the game at this age. His father, Dr. Mark Prince, He told the BBC Breakfast: “It was very emotional. I could see Kiyan there. I’m really proud.”

Kiyan Prince, killed at the age of 15, added to FIFA 21

Kiyan Prince will appear in QPR as 30 years old in FIFA 21 squad

Special effects studio Framestore has virtually recreated Kiyan, and the footage of the young footballer will also be displayed on billboards as part of an advertising campaign. QPR (Queens Park Rangers), football club with Kiyan Prince in a related tweet he wrote:

“Kiyan Prince comes back to life as a professional footballer who was meant to be.”

In addition, Kiyan’s father, Dr. Prince founded the Kiyan Prince Foundation to educate young people about the consequences of knife crimes. Next QPR team also changed the name of the stadium. Also, the father said, “I want my son to be remembered for the triumph of his accomplishments, not for the tragedy of his death.”

Kiyan Prince was added to FIFA 21, and his father also said the following about this:

“Through this campaign, I hope the world finally sees Kiyan fulfilling his incredible potential. We honor his talent, and I hope we can inspire other children to honor their abilities – whatever their abilities.”

Kiyan Prince, killed at the age of 15, added to FIFA 21

Father Dr. Mark Prince wants to prevent children from criminalizing with Kiyan Prince Foundation

Speaking to BBC Breakfast, QPR’s football director Les Ferninand said, “If someone who plays FIFA sees this and lowers his knife, then we are able to leave the legacy we want.” He also announced that when Ferdinand renamed the club’s stadium, they invited Kiyan’s father to speak with the team’s players.

“The team was truly humble in their determination to use their courage and pain to prevent others from having to walk the path that Mark took. As a club, we worked closely with the Kiyan Prince Foundation and it was an honor to get to know Mark on a personal level during this time. is every parent’s worst nightmare and his reaction to such a tragedy. It was truly inspiring. “

Also Dr. Mark Prince’s message for knife possession and people prone to crime with it was very clear: “Do you really want to have the legacy of destroying families, siblings, communities?”

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