It Takes Two inceleme

In the It Takes Two review, signed by Josef Fares, we take a look at the general dynamics and fun aspect of the game that puts marriage at the center.

It Takes Two inceleme In our content, we take a closer look at the latest game of Josef Fares, one of the unruly names of the gaming industry. Joining the game industry with a sudden decision from the film industry, Josef Fares was praised for his plays Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and A Way Out. We have to say from the beginning that the famous producer has managed to maintain the quality bar in his new game. Now let’s take a look at the warm story and immersive dynamics of this game.

It Takes Two inceleme

Marriage is just like co-op oyun It has a structure where you have to meet on the same common ground in unity and solidarity. Especially if you have a child, you find yourself in a bumpy cooperation. Here It Takes Two puts a marriage that is about to end at its center and it starts to force you into this collaboration.

In the game, we witness the story of a couple named May and Cody. With a miracle we are used to seeing in fairy tales, our couple finds themselves trapped inside dolls. While May is trapped inside a puppet toy, we see Cody as a toy made of clay. In the first place, our couple, who quarreling like cats and dogs, start to face both the mistakes they make and the problems in their marriage, while they are looking for ways to reunite with their bodies.

It Takes Two inceleme

It Takes Two contains fantastic elements as storytelling. The humorous structure and fun gameplay progress in a very balanced way in the game, which offers a different adventure in each part. Sometimes you feel like you are in a romantic comedy movie and sometimes you get the taste of Toy Story. Moreover, the game progresses dynamically from the moment it starts and prevents the player from getting bored.

Fun co-op dynamics

Hazelight studio has managed to keep the game very dynamic. The biggest source of this dynamism is the constantly changing gameplay elements. You walk around the different parts of the house, take a trip to the tree house in the backyard or suddenly find yourself in the void of space. In this process, you fight against wasps, escape from squirrels linked to the chain of command, or you have to face the rage of a broom thrown ashore.

It Takes Two inceleme

Our characters are endowed with so many beautiful features in each level that advancing with these features or solving the puzzles you encounter prevents you from breaking the game. Moreover, these features are designed for the characters to move together. For example, in one episode, Cody fires an explosive substance, and May fires the fuse that makes it explode. While one of you is walking on the wall, the other gets smaller and bigger, you can control the time and put a clone, or one of you becomes a nail and the other a hammer, and you try to solve the puzzles you encounter accordingly.

In short, we can say that the company has established a nice balance in each department and has made this progress an enjoyable structure with its different features. You are faced with so many fantastic events and gameplay dynamics that I can say that you admire the imagination of the production team. The production team summarized this situation with the statement “we added whatever came to our mind”.

It Takes Two inceleme

It Takes Two adorns this whole adventure with its successful visuals. There is a lot of thought on both character designs and episode designs. You feel like you are lost in Pixar animations. The change in the visuality with the changing sections contributes to the integrity of the game. In addition, the puzzles are designed in a simple but enjoyable way. So they don’t force you, but they require you to think a little bit to figure it out.

The music does not stand out, but they contribute to the dynamics of the gameplay. The game is very successful in vocalization. Apart from our main characters, the side characters are also very well voiced. My favorite in this regard is definitely Dr. Judge. Hakim, who can also be called the Book of Love, tries to rekindle the love between our characters by helping us throughout the game and sometimes as a shackle. Of course, the unique expressions and tones that we listen to while doing this have succeeded in adding a great color to the game.

It Takes Two inceleme

This structure in the game, which does not have any punishment system, gets you used to a little comfort. Okay, the team preferred this, but even if you die, being born back immediately prevents you from avoiding the events in the game. You start to leap into the dark, running towards the heart of danger. The biggest point I have in the dilemma in the game is the use of the camera. The company applied to the cut screen system, just like in the A Way Out game. So whether you play on the same device or online, you are moving on a split screen. It is possible to get used to this situation in a short time, but from time to time I can say that unlike A Way Out, I felt that this system was not needed in this game.

As a result It takes Two It has a storytelling that you can play with a friend, as well as play and share something with your spouse or child. It Takes Two has already managed to become one of the most prominent productions of this year. We have a game that deserves all the praise with its gameplay dynamics, storytelling and most importantly, its dynamic structure from the beginning to the end.

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