How to change name of VALORANT? Changing nicknames in VALORANT

How to change the Valorant name? In this article, we explain what you need to do to change nicknames in Valorant.

Valorant name change We can say that the subject is a subject that every player may need help with. Sometimes we don’t like the nickname we entered while registering and we want to change it. This is a situation that can be encountered in almost any game. We explained how to change nicknames in Valorant for you.

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Valorant name change

Actually Valorant nick change a process that can take a very short time. There are no settings to change the name in the game. For this reason, you can do this from the Riot page where you manage your account. Changing your RIOT ID means directly changing your Valorant name.

To change the Valorant name, you need to:

  • Sign in to your Riot account. You can click here.
  • Enter your account settings.
  • Click on the Riot ID tab, there will be text boxes where you can type your Riot ID and tag.
  • Enter your new Riot ID and tag in the text boxes.
  • Click the “Save Changes” button below.

Valorant rename, how do you change your valorant nickname?

Link to the page in the image:

After doing this, you will be done with the Valorant nick change process. However, there are some issues you should not forget. We should also mention these.

Rules for changing Valorant nicknames

  • Changing nicknames can be done once every 30 days.
  • You are prohibited from using Riot Games nicknames.
  • Your new username should not contain Riot words.
  • Avoid usernames that are profane, insulting, or violating community guidelines.
  • Choose usernames that do not attack political or religious values ​​and are not racist.

Nicks that do not meet all these criteria may cause difficulties for you in the future. Even your account can be banned through user reports. Please try to pay attention to these. That’s all you need to know about the Valorant name change. Apart from these restrictions, you can use your usernames as you wish.

About Valorant

Published by Riot Games, it is the most popular FPS game of recent times. It was first released on June 2, 2020 and has managed to attract the attention of the players. It has managed to appeal to large masses in a short time, as it does not require powerful computers from the players and it is a fun game. Thanks to its cooperation with Twitch during the closed beta process, it provided access to the players watching the broadcast and made the arrangements before its release. Although it is basically a competitive FPS game, it contains special abilities and different characters. This makes it one of the few FPS games on the market. Free Valorant You can download it from the website.

It promises a better experience to game players in our country located in Turkey server. Our players, who never lag behind the competition with low latency, also appear in global esports tournaments. Was this article helpful for you? You can indicate your opinion in the comments section.

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