How much revenue did the PC version of Death Stranding generate?

Death Stranding, which was first released for the PlayStation 4 and then for the PC platform, brought a great sales success in a short time.

Death Stranding Digital Bros, which has the distribution rights of important productions such as 505 Games, has published its six-month financial report. When we look at this report, we see that Kojima Productions signed Death Stranding, which came to the PC platform last year, achieved a good income in terms of sales figures in a very short time.

PC version of Death Stranding brought 23 million Euros in revenue

How much revenue did the PC version of Death Stranding generate?

First released to the Playstation 4 platform Death Stranding It was released for the PC last July. Just five or six months after its release, the PC version of the game achieved a significant sales success of 23 million Euros. stated that. In other words, we can say that 2021 sales are not included in this report yet. We probably think there has been a considerable increase in the sales figures of the game this year. Because it is known that the PC version of the game performs much better, especially with the arrival of NVidia DLSS 2.0 support. We see that the Steam comments of the game, which uses the Decima Engine graphics engine, are also positive.

Apart from Death Stranding, different important productions were also included in the reports. According to these reports, it seems that the Remedy signed Control game earned 16 million Euros in 2020. Asetto Corsa earned approximately 9 million Euros and Ghostrunner approximately 7 million Euros. In addition to these games, the income generated by games such as Terraria, Bloodstained and PAYDAY 2 over the period of six months was also included. You can take a look at the table announced by the company below.

How much revenue did the PC version of Death Stranding generate?

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