How many people die in GTA 5 main missions?

Ever wondered how many people you killed in total with Trevor, Michael and Franklin only in the main missions while playing GTA 5? Come along!

Rockstar’s Skyrim Grand Theft Auto V Have you ever wondered how many people the game forces you to kill by only going through the main story in the game? A new video posted by the YouTube channel SEX-POSITIVE GAMER, known for counting kills in games, finally clarifies these numbers. How many people die in main missions while playing GTA 5? Let’s look at the answer to the question together.

In GTA 5 main missions, you must kill more than 700 people

In the published video, you can see which episode each kill is and how many people were killed in total. GTA 5 actually comes up with surprisingly low numbers of kills in terms of the size and length of the game world. The number of kills for each of the three characters it contains is as follows:

  • Michael De Santa: 172 kills
  • Franklin Clinton: 295 kills
  • Trevor Philips: 258 kills

Among the three buddies, the most killing in the main missions appears as done by Franklin. In total, we’re going through the story and doing only the main quests, killing 726 people. This is actually pretty low, even by looking at Rockstar’s previous series. You can kill 1,216 people in total during the main missions in Rockstar’s Max Payne 3 game. Also, Max Payne 3 isn’t even an open world game with its 32-hour story.

However, as Gordon Freeman, you can kill 751 artificial intelligence in Half-Life 2. Of course, it should be underlined that these numbers published for GTA 5 are the “minimum” number of enemies you can kill in the game. Otherwise, you have the option of sticking remotely ignitable bombs on a car and blowing it up in the middle of traffic. Of course this … It is a matter of preference.

How many people die in GTA 5 main missions?

In the statement made by the YouTube channel that posted the video, it should also be noted that “If a task can be done in secrecy, we chose to do it with secrecy.” In other words, they paid attention to everything in order to determine the minimum number of enemies we could kill in the GTA 5 game. They did not kill civilians and did not chase with the police. So the number we come across shows how many people we have to kill if we kill only the enemies we need to kill as a merciful person in the main missions. Well, have you ever wondered about this subject before? Do not forget to state your views in the comments section just below.

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