Henry Cavill pointed to the Mass Effect series?

Famous actor Henry Cavill may have shown the first information about the Mass Effect series project with a new visual he shared.

One of the most popular actors of recent times Henry Cavill, with an image he shared Mass Effect We can say that he excited his fans a little bit. Sharing an image on his Instagram account, Cavill pointed out that he started a new and secret project with the script he held. What is written on this paper is Mass Effect pointing series.

Henry Cavill may have shown his Mass Effect drama project

Henry Cavill As you know, he is one of the names that has been on the agenda with the Witcher series recently broadcast on Netflix, besides cinema projects. While we were waiting for the second season of the Witcher series, the famous actor was both excited and confused with the visual he shared. In the explanation part of this post, the famous actor made the following statements; “Is it a secret project? Or a handful of pieces of paper with random words on it … I guess you will have to wait and see ..”

Although it is difficult to read what is written on the paper in Henry Cavill’s hand at first, his followers, of course, have done some research on this subject. Articles when clarified Words like Reaper, Cerberus, Tali’Zorah and Geth emerged. if Mass Effect If you have played or followed the series, you know what these words mean. We will have to wait for the official announcement to find out if this script, which includes the names of characters and races from the Mass Effect series, is real.

As you can see from the statement made by Henry Cavill, the actor has confused his followers a lot. Is this a joke or is it real? Time will show that.

Henry Cavill pointed to the Mass Effect series?

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