GTA San Andreas Spider Man mod looks delicious

GTA San Andreas Spider Man mode turns the game into a completely different experience. Would you like to shoot a net and take a stroll down Groove Street?

A new mode is coming for the legendary Grand Theft Auto San Andreas that has not worn out for years. Spider-Man from PlayStation 4 is the new guest of the game. Would you like to explore the city in different ways with the Spider-Man mode of GTA San Andreas as spiderman? So come on!

GTA San Andreas Spider Man modu

Mod developer J16D has released a new version of the Spider-Man mod for GTA San Andreas from PS4. As the title suggests, this mod will allow you to become Spider-Man and explore the city of San Andreas in different ways. The developer has also made a number of gameplay tweaks and improvements. For example, thanks to the mod, a new combat system has now been added to the game. Thanks to the dodge and health regeneration feature, the game turns into a completely different experience.

GTA San Andreas Spider Man modu

As seen in the video you can watch above, the mode is quite nice and completely changes the game. As Spider-Man, it is possible to travel around the city by webbing around, as well as play with different costumes and their different strengths. We can say that the fighting system also looks pretty good. If you want to play the GTA: SA game in a completely different way, you can try Spider-Man as well as our legendary character CJ.

The changes that come with the mod are as follows:

  • New Spider-Man themed design for the main menu
  • New musics
  • Four different incidents (Vehicle capture, street criminals etc.)
  • Web attacking and ending animations
  • New combat system (4x combos, air combos)
  • New animations based on PS4’s Spider-Man game
  • A HUD interface like in the Spider-Man PS4 game
  • Dodge feature (Avoiding attack)
  • Health regeneration
  • Level system to unlock new costumes
  • 8 new devices
  • 12 costume powers
  • New map regions (Bunkers, Avenger Tower)

The GTA San Andreas Spider Man mod is a very comprehensive and massive mod in total. Via ModDB, the mode that turns the game into a new Spider-Man experience by clicking here You can download it. You can also share your views about the mode in question with us and other users in the comments section right below.

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