GTA IV graphics mod focuses on textures

A mod designer shared an episode of the GTA IV graphics mod with the players, aiming to improve all the textures of the game.

Mod maker “Allaga” is working on a GTA IV graphics mod that aims to improve textures.

This graphics mode aims to improve / overhaul all the textures of the game in GTA IV. Although it seems like he has undertaken a very difficult task, it can do a good job if it progresses piece by piece and time is spread out. So much so that he himself wants to end this initiative by publishing it in small versions.

GTA IV graphics mod clarifies textures

The first version of the GTA IV graphics mod covers buildings and characters. If you wish from the link You can download the first version. Mod maker Allaga has released a video with screenshots before and after, so we can see the before and difference of the improved textures. You can find the video below:

As you can easily see, mod maker Allaga managed to stay true to the whole of the material / materials in the GTA IV graphics mode work. In addition, the new improved textures look significantly better than before. You can evaluate the before and after comparison more easily with a sample screenshot taken from the game:


GTA IV graphics mod focuses on textures


GTA V Graphics mod focuses on textures

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